Sunday, June 11, 2006

Evey Inch of You

You truly never fail to amaze me. and captivate my heart in admiration. I love the profoundity of your face as it went blank. I love the way a small light flicker in your eyes for it reflects the inner you. I love the gracefullness of your moves for you're far more attractive than a fine leaf blown by a mild zephyr. I love your gait as if you're dancing in finest tune. I love your smiles for it bring too much joy in my heart. I love the way you emancipate your guffaws that make my day. I love the way you talk and your guts to open up your ideas. I love the way your skin turns rouge when striked by sun rays. Odd, but i love the way you sweat. I love the droplet of your sweat glides from your forehead to the bottom of your "perfectly" curved chin. I LOVE THE WAY YOU REGISTER IN MY EYES, for you meet my visions perfectly. I love your levity, your natural tendency to ease up things. I love the way you carry the whole you; so confident, full of esteem. I LOVE EVERY INCH OF YOU. No details of you can escape my eyes...

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