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How to Get Spectacular Grades from School

This article wasn't my idea actually. Here are just realizations of what's the best way to get good grades and how to have a full long-term memory rather than having a sensory motor or short-term memory. Advices are made by our very own writer from the Philippines, Ms. Jessica Zafra. Ewan ko ba kung natagpuan nya na ang tinitibok ng puso nya. haha. what i know is that matalino siya. start na tayo? Ok, ganito yan, to others, nagsisimula na ang kalbaryo ng buhay eskwela, to others sa june 13 pa. sa iba naman ewan ko. Since school year 2006-2007 has already begun, pressure to many students also come along. Hectic schedules, a lot of assignments, stupid projects and all causes insanity that ithers just freak then shout loudly to the class: "Ayaw ko na!!! I drop this subject! I can't stand you anymore!!!" In that case you will all need this good tips given by her.

UNCUT VERSION (no add-ons)

"How to get ridicoulously good grades in school and move on to a glorious career."
1. Bear in mind that school is easy. The brain is a powerful instrument, and your memory has a storage capacity which if maximized, would put Bill Gates out of business. only 10% of our brain is utilized during our lifetimes. What about the other 90%? It just sits there, gathering cobwebs, waiting to win the Nobel Prize in Physics if only its owner would remember to turn it on. Corollarily - look up the word, it comes in handy in Algebra - if you decide this early in life that you are stupid, congratilations, you will be stupid. School is easy; it's what comes after school that's difficult.
2. If you listen very carefully during class, if you concentrate on the lesson, if you focus very hard, you won't have to do much studying outside of class. You will have more time to read the stuff you really like, or watch movies, or play tennis. When i was in school, people had the impression that i spent all my time studying. This is blatantly untrue. I did not study. I did my homework while waiting for the schoolbus (sometimes on the schoolbus). I read a lot, but not textbooks. Hello, why would I be reading textbooks. I read, Nancy Drew, Star Trek books and the entire Martian series by Edgar Rice Burroighs. Books I wanted to read.
3. Always take notes during class. That's NOTES, not dictation. It is not necessary to write down every word your teacher utters. If you so that, I will laugh at you. True, the opinion of others should not be a primary influence on your behavior, but amniacal cackling in your ears is hard to ignore. Only write down key words, words which trigger your memory. i believe that when you write a word, and you see it in your own handwriting, it becomes more real, more tactile, and therefore easier to remember.
4. This is how to study for an exam. Read the aforementioned notes, and the textbooks three times. Then put away your books and do something entirely different. Watch videos or cross stitch or something. This will give part of your brain the handles classwork time to absorb all that information. Meanwhile, while you are doing things totally unrelated to schoolwork, you exercise the other parts of your brain. All parts must be used in order to keep this comples apparatus functioning properly. I strongly advice you not to lock yourself in a room for days and attempt to digest entire textbooks. Your memory may crash at the most inconvenient time, i.e., during the exam you worked hard to prepare for.
5. USE EVERYTHING AS AN EXCUSE to get into new field of knowledge. For instance I am a fan of the Croatian tennis player Goran Ivanisevic, so I became curious about his country. I wanted to know where it was, what the people were like, and whether they looked like him. I look up Croatia and found myself reading about the history of Yugoslavia, the complexities of Balkan politics, and the war in Bosnia. That's a lot of information, considering i was just curious about a good-looking guy with a monster serve. Proof that it is impossible to be ga-ga over a famous cute person and not lose IQ points
6. It is not necessary to demonstrate how smart you are. It's annoying. School is not a quiz show where you have to beat your opponent to the buzzer. Do you have classmates who raise their hands even before the teacher has finished asking the question? The ones who sit on the edge of their seats, frothing at the mouth to show off, and sucking up to the teacher? Don't be like that. A truly smart person is secure in the knowledge that she IS smart; she doesn't need other people to confirm it.
7. The internet is a terrifis source of information, but most of this information is unverified. Remember the Rodenberry (dead guy who created the Star Trek) dictum: 99% of everything is junk. Unless the website is maintained by an academic institution, do not use it as a primary source for your research papers.
8. You have to read a science-fiction in order to exercise your imagination and open your mind to possibility. Much of what was considered science-fiction a few decades ago is scientific fact today. Many common objects were actually inspired by science-fiction. if you think science-fiction is all scary aliens and rayguns, you're a bigot.
The minute you leave this room, pick up a copy of The Once and Future King by T.H. White, The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, or Dune by Frank Herbert. Read it from beginning to end. Don't ask why, just trust me and read it. No, the movie version will not do. The movie version is always inferior to the book, because it is the filmmakers' interpretation of the text, and not your own
9. When people call you Nerd or Geek, it's an acknowledgement that you make them feel inferior and stupid. However, it may be a good time to assess your wardrobe.
10. Find out what irony is. Use it.

Acknowledgement and apology to Ms. Jessica Zafra
I deeply apologize for not informing you that i am going to post an uncut version of your tips but i thank you that you are able to impart your knowledge and ideas to all your avid readers of twisted series. Twisted series is a collection of her articles.

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