Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tears and Joy

I really feel guilty that i was not able to go to the burial of my classmates father. Nalulungkot ako for them. kababata ko sya and classmate ko sya nung elementary. matagal tagal ang pinagsamahan namin dahil kahit nung hs eh naging maging classmate pa rin kame. nung college din. ewan. pinagsama na yata kami ng panahon. i feel bad about what happened to her family. her dad committed a suicide but i don't want to further tell about the reason why her dad decided to end his life. their house is just a barangay away from us here in Bulacan. Nalulungkot talaga ako.

Great Friends

Just yeaterday, after we ended our class at 6pm i decided to go to my friend's house. Fiesta. She invited me to go to their house that's why i decided to really come. not only for the food but i also decided to there because of the talks that we are going to have. Nagmature na nag talaga kami. It's a good thing that after a year we met each other again. with all thouse busy schedules from school and other stuffs, we still find time to catch each other. Nagkausap usap kami. Grabe, napakarami na nga talagang nagbago. di ko akalain na nagkakaroon na ng path ung buhay namin. matured persons na kami pag mag-usap not like during the high school days. Nagkausap usap kami about our future. one thing in common, lahat kami gusto namin magstay sa Philippines kahit na it's really not practical. we know kasi the this country can prove something that will let the world be amazed of what good thing we can do. Tatlo kaming nag-uusap. dalawa kaming nursing students tapos the other one is a community developer. marami kaming napag-usapan that i wish to share to all of you but i guess sa next entry na lang. just remind me. hehe. words from one another. hehe. there are still a lot of free things in this world that money can't buy. napag-usapan rin namin ung mga nangyari sa mga buhay buhay namin. na sa batch namin nagkalayo layo na kami ng landas. iba iba na ang pinili daming daan. may ilan naman napagdesisyunan na ang huminto, mag-asawa at sirain ang buhay. samantalang ang iba, sumasabay sa agos ng buhay. ung ilan naman, sinubukang bumalik sa nakaraan, sinariwa. un ila naman, lumihis ng landas para may patunayan. iba iba na nga.

Thought of the Day nung nag-uusap kami:
"it's with you how you will define happiness. If happiness for you is beyond material things, it's with you where you can find it."

I'll share with you what we have talked about. inspirational thoughts from us. hehe. hope to help you all continue living with a very good spirit. To Gladys, thanks for the food and the war, welcome. To, Cristina, keep the same heart. it will lead you to great people.


rina said...

grabe no. parang kahapon lang mga ewan tayong mga bata (weh parang di pa ako bata hahaa) pero diba.. laki ng pinagmature natin.. haay philippines... no place like home :( kahit sobrang hirap dyan, babalik at babalikan ko parin yan. walang tatalo!! woohoo :) ingat!!:D

utakgago said...

well, it's good to know that you'll stay here in the Philippines and serve our country. I myself am doubting about it. Since. Since. Since mas magaganda ang trabaho dun.

and don't be guilty with not attending a wake of a friend's father. siguro naman, you have VALID REASONS diba?

ang saklap naman. suicide? a FATHER? nako. first time kong makarinig ng ganyan ha!!! karamihan kasi, teenage GUYS ang nag-suisuicide.

anyway. yun lang.

at gusto ko nang makita ang sarili ko na mag-mature tulad mo. but as everyone says... easy-easy lang. darating din ako jan! hehe.


aka ZORD said...

dapat lang na nagmamature ang utak.. un ang tama

Jigs said...

Hehe! I suddenly remember my high school days when I only cared about school and having fun! We all mature, part of life yan and it just show that your mind is growing.

Condolence to the father of your friend.

Rowjie said...

Happiness? Priceless.

lite anonymous said...

i am sooo gonna stay here in the philippines.

if ever im gonna go abroad, i think ill go to depressed areas like Iraq, african countries and remote island countries in the pacific... that's the essence of se5rvice, anyway.

pUcCagUrL said...

aw. i envy the great friendship. treasure it. ~__^

Anonymous said...

can i know where in bulacan do you live?...tame ka, u'll find happiness that money can't buy..and u'll treasure it until you grow old...keep the friendship alive..communication and trust is important...and LOve, its freely given...until here..keep in touch...=)