Thursday, November 16, 2006

three parts

First part

November 13, 1987, at exactly 1.30am, a healthy good looking boy was born. that is when i become a member of the world. three days ago, i already turned nineteenand i really feel that i am really getting older. school is ending. a new career will start. my birthday gave me this overwhelming feeling that really lifted my spirit. i received a lot of letters, sms, calls, testimonials, tags, and also material things. my mother bought me a laptop while my dad changed the furtinure in my lil room. i told myself that i really have to study better now. no guts, no glory. with hardwork, there comes success. but it's not always how hard you work that leads you to a successful life. most of the time, it is how smart you work. my college friends sent sms greetings and letters.

Msg to my dear friends:

of course, i promise forever friendship. i love you all. and if ever you leave but feels like going back after a long time, go back where you left me. i am still there. you all know how i appreciate every little things that become a part of my life. most of the time, i really do not know what is happening to me but all of you are still there to comfort me, to show your affection, and to say that hey, james! you are not alone! thank you for those days. you never did let me feel that i am alone in this world when nobody seems to understand me. i am thankful that i met you all in my life. you all taught me what is real beauty, what is world, how to start a race, and how to get up during my falls in life. i am thankful that all of you are still there after seeing the real me. i am not perfect nor close to being one but you still accepted me and is still there. if i went to a expensive university and did not decide to enter in the university where i met you all guys, maybe, i will not be able find the real and true meaning of friendship. with a lil amount of money, we found happiness. we found satisfaction. we found contentment. then walking and staying outside the unversity or o a friend's house at night is enough to make the day worthy. then, when calling each day a day and starting to go home, we texted each other and keep on asking "hey, are you home?" Friends Forever. yeah, i will. and i'll always be here. in ups and most especially down.

tata is the first word i've said when
i was a child so i was called
tata eversince. :)

Thanks for the read!
Special thanks to:
Mum, Dad, Irish, Gab, Alex, Rose Ann, Emem, Carolyn, Charity, Carmela, Monalisa, Vanzon, Celine, Carla, Cherrie, Noel, Shiela, Shiela Marie, Gladys, Cristina, Nerie, Anakat, Randel, Jonas, Arlyn, Ihna, Tito Jin, Charlotte, Pam, Neychel, Shareen, Jinky, Crystal, Leah, Lawrence, Rob, Sean, Ninong Jun, Tita Rina, Nanay Eny, Tita Loty, Tita Olga.


Jigs said...

Happy Happy Birthday Dude! Success lang ang wish!

Anonymous said...

aba. tiyuhin mo ako wala ako sa thank you list. amp. tata. tata. tataaaaan!!

Fiel said...

Waaah! magkasunod lang pala birthday natin Tol ^_^ Belated Happy Birthday din sa iyo... thanks for greeting me too :)

My parents are A-Ok na... kahit may konting tampuhan pa, naguusap na naman sila ^^

Have a nice day! ( Inuman na? *hik* )

Seij said...

Happy Birthday!!

anakat said...

oi! nasa pic ako! hehe :D tol salamat din sa pagkain! nabusog kami! :D

kamille said...

Happy belated Birthday. ^^