Monday, December 04, 2006

last of three parts

Exam Tricks

Prior to Taking the Test

Pretest jitters are signs of not having prepared enough, so you must schedule plenty of time for reviewing.
the night before the test, see to it that you get a light supper and a good night rest. don't take exam with
full stomach, or with an empty stomach. And, late night cramming will defeat your purpose of getting a high grade
in the exam you much prepared.

On Multiple choice Exam:

1. Read the directions very carefully.
2. Go through the test and answer the entire questions you know
3. Go back and read the entire questions. Think of the anwer and read all the possible answers.
4. Narrow down your choice by crossing out the answers you know are wrong. Think of the most logical answer
for very difficult questions.
5. Do not change your answer unless you are cetain that you have replaced it with the correct one.
the first logical answer that comes in to your mind is 90% sure that it is correct most of the time.
6. You can look for clue in the questions. Sometimes, an answer might be hidden in a question.
7. for set of questions that requires you to read a paragraph, read all the questions first before reading the paragraph. it gives you less effort and will not need you to read and read it again brcause you already know the questions.

When it's not really the school that gives you success

"It's not how hard you work, it's how smart you work."

and so who thought that Many Pacquiao will be as rich as he is now? with the way he look,
who thought that he'll have a lot of product endorsements on TV? He didn't even finished high school. It's not the school that gives success. it's the way you use your talents/skills that will bring you to where you want in life. so why do we still need to go to school, spend 16-22 years of our gracious time in school, and follow all the rules and regulations that in the first place is hard for us to do? here's mine, whenever I go to school, i don't think on what i will get after. if it's money, there is room for that. School is a house of learning and not of money. before, i think the same way. but i never succeeded. though i am still a regular 3rd year nursing student here on where i am at now, i experienced such instances in life that i did work to send myself to school. it was way back in high school life. i never did grow as an ordinary high school student. perhaps a little bit but not at all. trying to send myself to send to school is one of the toughest things in life i have experienced. i experienced to be them, my's really hard. whenever i think again of those times, i can't help but's not just an attempt to send myself to school but i really did. it's one of the hardest and lowest point in our family. but i am much more prouder and a much more fulfilled person. Ok, let's go back to school. haha.personally, i really enjoy going to school. everyday, going to school with a smile on my face, i heartfully take challenges that are about to be given. i don't go to school because i have to but because i enjoy being there. i don't go there because i need to get a degree for me to work. i go there because i want to learn. i want to add something but will help me make it more easier to learn, and that's what the school does. I am not an intelligent student but i didn't lose hope with that. i tried so hard. it's a matter of trying hard and how smart you try. thoough i find it hard to express myself verbally because i am a left handed person (has something to do with the brocka's speech - a part of the brain), i still try. and i guess that's what is good to me. i am a very emotional person especially on letters. a blog really helped me to express more what i really feel to the world much more easier than expressing it verbally.

Trivia: i don't take reviews and don't even read school stuff books at home. i have this visual memory. i am a visually intelligent person. haha. if i saw pictures or whatever, i find it easier to retain it in my mind rather than being verbally intelligent. :)

"Don't be pissed off when you fail. take it as a challenge. success matters the way you perceive and take challenges in life that makes you a better person."


last night, i received a phone call that made me cry inside. it's from Won-Jae (younger brother of my ex-gf). i asked him why he called. he said nothing. he and his mum just miss me visiting them. he asked me: "Tito, why aren't you visiting us here?" i told him that he wouldn't uderstand at his age even if i try to explain it to you. soon he will but maybe not now. i still feel that i am still accepted in their family. i ended the phone call by telling him that i still have something to do even if it's late at night. annyong! i hate it when i remember the days. *sighs*


Anonymous said...

i've taken so many tests but the butterflies inside my stomach still flies freely. i hate it.

Anonymous said...

do you still love the korean girl? mukhang nde kpa nakakapag move on..

Cai said...

When it's not really the school that gives you success -- nsa diskarte lang ng tao iyon...db...we do have the same pattern in reviewing for an exam or test...but there are times, i just keep on reading and reading my notes..not memorizing them but being familiar with it...

take care...

juno said...

binasa ko parin yung sa tests, though i already know most of it. still interesting. regarding dun sa success, well it will always depend on the person's definition of success. It's always associated kasi with financial stability eh that's not always the case naman.. agree?

abel said...

success is really not through working hard but working smart

billycoy said...

kahit ako nung nag-aaral pa ako, di masyadong nagrereview, i tend to understand what i'm reading rather than memorizing them.

kaka-miss nga mag-aral, at ang sarap pumasok especially if cool ang mga classmates and prof!

aaRoN said...

sa MULTIPLE CHOICE.. lalu na kung math ung, usually nilalagay nila ung correct answer sa C or D kasi kapag sa A or B, may mga studyante na ginagamit ung mga choices isa isa para makita kung alin ung tamang sagot.. hehe ^_^

well take care and merry christmas!

razi said...


nice info,,

bima said...