Thursday, February 01, 2007


i am not talking of the long sleeves brand. i am talking of my experiences in the hospital while being a student nurse. a lot of things made me happy while others made me cry. but this semester's experience is very much different. i have received a lot of compliments especially in the new departments and wards where i was assigned. it's a nice feeling that you see your patient's condition improving and that they appreciate your works is the bestamong all things. Let me talk about my patient in Orthopaedic department where we will hide in the name "Boy Ji". My patient is admitted to be toxic. Critical. the time that I saw my patient creates a sad feeling. i thought he is dying. At the age of three, he is confined at the hospital, malnourished, with high grade fever, annd with hip dislocation. in addition to this, he was also diagnosed of having Anemia (probably an Iron Deficiency type because he is malnourished) secondary to Acute Glomerulonephritis. I do not know what to do with my patient because it was my first experience to handle such case. readings about the case will not be enough to nake an intensive nursing care. there is also a language/communication barrier. He is Kapampangan and don't understand Filipino or English. It is solely the parents that i was able to talk to determine the level of care that i have to render. i am not that competent nurse as of now but i believe, i am always doing my best to give a quality care that is incomparable. most of the time, i make follow up visits (even if it's not in the scope of my daily allowance and training) because i want to ensure that everything is ok and will be ok. Now, my patienthad gained weight, has no anemia, no fever and has now undergone an operation. he has double hip spica now. in good condition. i was touched when my classmates told me "ui, kinakamusta ka nga pala ng mga magulang ni Ji. sabi nila nung napaka-kritikal daw nung anak nila, talagang ikaw daw ang nag-asikaso ng lahat. Si Ji ikaw lang daw ang bati. napakakulit na ng batang yun." Aww. it made me cry. my groupmate draw a picture of my client. an animated type when my patient, Ji, is already in good condition.

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