Saturday, June 10, 2006

Look who is "jealous"

I just got something to represent jealousy. Very simple. Sibling rivalry. But you know, the same thing also happens when it comes to LOVE. We just don't know too that it's also as simple as that. We are just being closed-minded and immature. Let's not deny that fact.

Sometimes i think there's a monster living within me, just waiting. Waiting for the chance to take hold of my day and wreak havoc at my attempts at order and serenity. often, i can feel the monster within rise above me, take hold my sanity, and rampage through my day. Call it a jealous tantrum, having a bad mood, an emotional state, a streak of insanity. All I can say is that sometimes I don't know where all my jealous comes from and what it makes me capable of doing.

Unfortunately, constantly ignoring ones's emotion will only make the temper outbursts more violent.
I, even you don't really have to verbalize the emotions to the people around us. What is important is that we know how we feel. Sometimes though, we need to release our jealous, anger and frustration.

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