Friday, March 02, 2007

after the events

Now i better understand why we are called "the positives" and the other side negative. It is not because we are always perfect. that we are greater than them. it has never been an issue if we are in top section. what matters is we are open to change. we take chances to learn and to be better persons. Competence is never a big thing in college that's why i wonder why there are people who keep in competing with one another. Sometimes, we have to remember our businesses for us not to mind which is not ours. life isn't unfair. it's a wrong concept to say that life is unfair. we all started with nothing. we just forget to appreciate what we have that's why we keep on living with insecurities. by the way, envy rooted insecurities. Envy is one of the deadliest sin on earth. We are all receiving a handful of stress so how dare you tell that ours is lighter than yours? Justify your mean before having such act.

A Christian friend told:
"Kung gaganti tayo, wala tayong pinagkaiba sa kanila"

An openminded friend:
"Great persons talk about ideas. Stupid people talk about other people"

A good friend:
"So, matatataas na uri pala tayo ng tao"

An intelligent friend:
"One should fight for what one believes. Provided, one is absolutely sure one is absolutely right"

A humble friend:
"If you can't be good, just don't hurt them"

Thanks for the tip my buddies. They can't beat us. Their insecurities proves that we are so much better than them.


Tea said...

Smells like a bad competition.

So, some people are envious? Yech, with what your friends said, I think you'd never go wrong.

Maybe if you just don't mind them...?

calyn said...

miss ko na magpost ng comment.hehehe.. eto lang masasabi ko..mamatay sila sa inggit! tama ba? hehehe.. GBU!

abel said...

insecurities... i have some, enough to make me human

but doesn't mean i use it in a negative way :)