Tuesday, March 27, 2007


i felt a bittersweet feeling na naman when we went to Phil Gen (Philippine General Hospital) last March 23. bumalik na naman lahat ng alaala. haha. but anyways, i am happy where i am now.
Let me tell you one's own feeling to the largest hospital in the Philippines - the Philippine General Hospital. actually, to be a nurse, working in Phil Gen is a fulfillment to everyone. it's a different feeling working there. It is not common to everyone that working there isn't really easy. since it is a service to humanity and it is no question that 60-75% of the total population of the Philippines is beyond poverty line, money is a big issue. Phil Gen has 5000 bed capacity and most who are admitted are from poor families. most really doesn't have money to even buy a urine or suction catheter. and instead of renting a mechanical ventilator, may just use a human humidifier - a manual ambubagging to support breathing. and so as a nurse, you have to be resourceful and smart to think of possible solution to every situation/problem. ewan. personally speaking, masakit kasi makita na semi-conscious ang pasyente mo. and nakakakonsensya that though you did everything that you can do, parang wala pa rin. ewan. kaya nga madalas naglalabas ka pa ng pera galing sa sarili mong bulsa that will serve as personal help sa pasyente mo para lang madugtungan ang buhay. haay! iilan na lang kasi ang service to humanity ang intention why they took up health-related courses. naiinis ako. napakaiyakin ko na naman lately.


cars said...

hey kuya aaron. =)
i really admire you for your selflessness. hahaha. =)

utakGAGO said...

well, the present situation of the Philippines (which is waaaaaaaay lower than poverty) could actually be reflected by the PGH itself.

and it's good to know that nurses like you (or inside that hospital) could be resourceful enough to substitute modern and expensive gadgets into simple yet an equally-competent way.


thanks nga pala sa company nung nasa bus. haha, ang lakas ng boses natin! tayo lang ata nag-uusap sa bus nun eh.