Friday, April 06, 2007

Medical Mission

After the Philippine Blog Awards, I, together with my co-bloggers Jhed, Rens, Kevin, Billycoy, and Franco decided to go to Hula Hula bar in Shangri-La for 2BU after party fro socialization and party itself. Arnel didn't join us. We decided to go to our respective homes at past 1am (that was Sunday slash Palm Sunday slash April Fool's Day) since I and Kevin are from Bulacan and I need to be in Gawad Kalinga's immersion area in Guiguinto ( a place in Bulacan) at 8am for a medical mission. i am a health-care volunteer. it is not a school medical mission program. it's a non institutional program. that's what i preferred. i don't want to be graded for everything that i do since i want to serve voluntarily and not functioning because i need to have a grade and i need to. i am happy and surprised that i have classmates who also went to volunteer without expecting anything in return. True service from the heart as they say. there are also five medical practitioners who joined us in the program. there, you can really feel the warm welcome of the community. it's always a nice feel to feel that and it's enough to keep us working the whole day and still feel energetic. there are only few volunteers of the best possible way to accommodate all the people in the immersion area who wants to be served. we decided to make a group of 4 where the first one will be designated for the operation tuli (circumcision), the second group, where me and Rhamzell were assigned to take the blood pressure for adults and elders, weight for neonates and infants, and significant assessments needed. the third group is composed of only two physicians for prescribing the medications for proper nourishment and the fourth group were assigned to give the medications prescribed by the physicians from the third group.there were only limited medications available since t is a non governmental action program but fortunately and happy to say that everyone were given medications such as antibiotics, food supplements, vitamins and special medications. next medical mission yata is in bushes of Bicol. dunno. can't wait for the next medical mission. on april 9 i'll be posting some pictures from this medical mission thing. laughtrips and all if there are. i don't have the cam with me. :)

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