Wednesday, April 11, 2007

wrong analysis

in the thought that analysis and taking life in advance would be the solution to not fall and to get traffic over life's troubles, i tried to analyze every situation and that's what i always did.
but i was so wrong. yeah, it's only in saving lives that i really need to analyze for a wrong action can never be corrected nor modified. because of friggin analysis, i missed life's little surprises. but i don't really feel like wasted because of that. i just feel that there's something in me that isn't complete. yeah, life's little surprises. so now, as much as possible, i will try not to seriously analyze. i'll just let it be. yeah, i'll just let it be.


the philosphical bastard said...

moving forward is an adventure.. it wont be fun if it were too predictable.

L.A said...

a little surprise may seem to look really big but analyzing may sound not so hard???


Anonymous said...

naadik ako dun sa test your response time lol

Thysz said...

maybe what we should be analyzing is what we have done and not what we will do. -> shet pa-deep! haha! i linked you by the way! ciao!