Friday, May 04, 2007

Crazy Over Webs

The night before the Premiere of Spiderman 3, i got invited by my co-bloggers (who I also treat as friends) invited me to a conference. Inside were Billy, Joe, Rens, Moses, Jhed, and me. We have agreed to watch it on its premiere day but Jhed can't to come with us because it's just an accident plan and he has work. He cannot make arrangements for rescheduling of shift because it's just a "biglaan" thing. It's Labor Day and it's Double Pay. Sayang din naman if papalampasin. lol. In the plan, we have agreed to meet at a coffee shop at around 2.30pm. the place? Mall of Asia. Going there, i got ashamed of myself as I pay my fare to a Manong driving a jeep. Instead of saying "Isa pong MoA (Mo-wa)" i told the driver "Isa pong Mall of Asia" and it made me laugh after. what a shame. it made my ass laugh to the extent I don't have a face to show. but anyway, I arrived at 3:15PM. hahaha. Mr. Average Joe came in first followed by Billy of Pasay. Next is moses who is just a station away from me. haha. Eveyone came in late but no one can beat Heneroso who came in at 4.30PM. but it's ok. there are no biggies about being late. Punctuality isn't really an issue (not unless if you have to spend long hours traveling and in formal occasions. that would be very annoying then). Of the oveflowing line to get tickets and watch the much awaited movie, we asked Rens to fall for us while the rest of us stroll and enjoy a timezone experience. An hour after, Rens texted Billy informing that he's getting near to the ticket booth (a signal for us to go back). We bought our tickets and decided to eat. where else but to a food court. it took me a hard time to decide where i will buy foods (to serve as dinner) because I am so used with chickens and i am afraid to have wings in the next few days. Basta, I was able to eat my dinner naman. the next thing that happened is that us sitting inside the cinema. I won't tell the story, what happened there because i am afraid to spoil the movie to those who haven't watched the movie yet. it's around 10.30PM when the film ended. Gaad, wala na akong pera. haha. but then, we still managed to go to another coffee shop to have some long talks. We know jhed is envious because he wasn't able to come with us that's why we decided to have some photos to see how we enjoyed the whole day. the idea about going home came around past 12mn. I arrived home at around 3am. Darn! Dad saw me and scolded me. i just told him, "minsan lang to. tska nahirapan pa kami umuwi. wala masakyan." wahaha. Excuses!

Credits to Billycoy


sephthedreamer said...

sa sobrang tagal ng entry na to, you don't have to be afraid of spoiling the movie wahahaha lahat ata nakapanood na.

tayo pa naman unang nakapanood nun! wahaha.

9 days late aaronjames! nyahaha

Billycoy said...

as expected, late entry, nyaherr.

pinagalitan ka pala afterwards, puro bad influence yata talaga mga co-bloggers. hahaha