Monday, May 14, 2007


It's 1.30pm when me and my parents decided to vote for national election. At Precinct 131A, we found our names. As we enter, I almost forgot who I'm gonna vote. Tensed. That's what i felt at my first vote. Will my voice be heard? Have I voted wisely? I was able to fill up only 8 seats at senator's list. I wasted four remaining seats. ^sighs^. I realized that i wasted a part of my right as a citizen to be heard. I prepared much for this is my first time to feel i'm really a part of this country, the Philippines but i guess I came unprepared. I realized after submitting my form that in voting, we should fill all. Take my case for instance, I filled up only 8 names for senators, but still in the end, they will need 12.

Balimbing issue:
Well, I guess being balimbing is better than to stick around with something that is against your political sense. Personally, I won't stay to a party group if I'm really true to the oath i have given, real service to humanity. I like it when Ex-President Estrada said that "Walang kaibi-kaibigan, walang kama-kamag-anak. Ang batas ay batas." Did you get what I mean? If the party group you belong has the same political sense and what they are fighting is the same as yours, then why oppose? and if you really mean service, would you still stick to your old political party group is they got tempted with something you don't that isn't right and justifiable?

Campaign ads and tons of promises:
Let's face it. Everyone in this country is corrupt. In the corrupt sense, we are one of them. Everyone sees and smells money during election campaign. We uses on another to go to our primary intention. We, citizens think that someone if seated, will be corrupt without even letting them do what they can prove to us. In their own sense, they tried to implement their plans, they tried to raise everyone's issue but during the implementation, no one is willing to participate. did we show any respect then to the persons we voted for? We gave them the authority to lead us to a better nation but we seem to be blind and deaf. What's the point of voting? We sell our votes, we rebel, do we have right in the first place?

My ideas:
I just have this thinking guys that ranking surveys and all stuff plus talking about who's who should be stopped before election. We live in a world full of gossip talks and admit it, we all believe most of them. we all get influenced ad that's what i hate during election. "Kung sino ang matunog sa masa, un na rin ang iboboto ng karamihan. kaysa nga naman masayang ang boto nila. eh di doon na lang sila sa sigurado na na mananalo" what a stereotype. Election is not about popularity. it's not in the name. it's in what they can do.


Shari said...

Balimbing: If only people were more transparent of WHY they're changing parties....Of course, I really hold no grudge against those people. I agree with you that it's better than to stick around to something you don't agree with anymore. Issues change, as does time. But haha, coming from Erap himself, I really find that very ironic.

I'd rather be an independent. The only downside is that you don't have allies (especially in campaigns). But at least you have the freedom to think for yourself about the issues and not stick to just one recommended solution that favors either the opposition or the administration.

Politics is all about money and power. EVERYONE who runs has those things in mind. Helping the people? I help people! And I'm not even running in the elections. As for cooperating, it really really really depends on the issue. The people who oppose certain "plans" critically examine it and point out the discrepancies in the bills. Sometimes it's just hard to respect people who can't even respect the trust you've given them. Vote-selling is just hard to get through. Filipinos are THAT poor to sell their votes for a measly few pesos. Success is a long way coming that they've given up this early. They can't wait forever for our country to actually get up to its own feet, so they resort to fast money that can get them by through a day or two. Even if we say the effect of selling is more drastic than what they think it is, you just can't put the sole blame on theme.

Y'know what, I can easily agree with you on your ideas. But the thing is, it's the PEOPLE who need to change. The media IS the media. It's their job to make the people INFORMED on what's happening. The only thing that should happen now is that the people should also stop making those messages influence their own votes.

Surveys had one use during the 2004 presidential elections. Anyone would notice that it was a standoff between GMA and FPJ. And even though others wanted Roco or some other candidate, they opted to vote for GMA just because they don't want FPJ in power. Now aren't you glad? :p

cars said...

politics, dirty dirty politics! Almost everyone who wants a place in politics is completely selfish!! And that's just sad to hear.

It's true how most people just vote because of popularity, which should NEVER be the case. I know some people who don't think seriously of voting.. sarap batukan! Haha. I mean, their practically choosing their future.. they SHOULD care.