Thursday, May 17, 2007

Some Plans

I don't go to school for me to get a degree. I go to school for me to learn. I am so much interested with Math and Philosophy but then I took up a pre-med course. I know I've told this a lot of times that I took up nursing because of some "calling". I am happy with where I am now. And I am already reserving 2-? years of my life to be a missionary nurse. Then afterwhich, I will go to school again to pursue my love and interest in Math and Philo. I know it's not good to know that my life is planned until I get married. I live according to my plans and I am having no problem with it. But things has changed. A year from now, I will be a nurse already. A devoted nurse, yeah. Some things never came into my mind and now they keep on coming. Now I wanted to be a doctor. A pediatrician specifically. I am not always after the salary. I am ALWAYS after what i can do to make a difference. Continuing to medicine will take some 5 to 7 years of my life and with that I will have to change plans. I will have to give up my love for Philosophy and Math. Haha. I pity myself for that. I least prioritize myself.

"Well, we really have to give up on something sometimes."

I then remembered something and it's funny. My plan of being a doctor came in first before i found Math and Philosophy. I was in Kindergarten then during our graduation when my name was called on stage. After i received my diploma, I used the microphone and told the people out there that "Someday I want to be a doctor." It's weird. I'm getting nearer with it. And it came the same way I received the calling to serve when i was in fourth year high school. Things come according to my first plan. The plan I personally decide. Weird.


L.A said...

Well when I was young, I was dreaming to be a Doctor for the fact that I want to save my parents from sort of Illness but upon walking in the path of life, slowly my plan change.

Due to economic and societal reason I decided to take nursing with all my will. Nobody push me to this but am still not forgetting my 1st dream.

But at least your plans are now proving their worth :)

utakGAGO said...

i remember joey de leon in eat bulaga sharing his insights about why kids usually pick being a 'doctor' as their DREAM job.

it's because, first. that's one of the first jobs they met. second, it is, of course, a heroic one. and third, it's..... i guess, an honorable thing to be called a doctor.

and they save lives.

not that i agree with joey de leon. :p

i do believe that changes are made when chances are altered by the choices we make.

gudlak with your profession. it eats up a lot of years, but the rest of your years will surely be the best.

ayan, nakabawi naman siguro ako sa napakatagal kong hindi pagdaan sa blog mO! :( :D haha

YNA said...

Aaron, I'm not aware of this. LOL. Anyway, wow, you seem so sure of everything. Things may not be as planned as it was before, but maybe then, because you know yourself and you know what you want, it changes along the way.

Basta, whatever you want, whatever happens, you'd always find a way to make it right and pursue what you really want. Ikaw pa!

Ken said...

It's good that you're doing well in your endeavors. And I agree with what Shawboy had said. You have to make priorities and choices. :)