Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Why I'm for KABATAAN Party List

During my first class in Philippine Institution (Rizal Course), we were asked why a college student taking up a 4-year course have to study the life and works of Rizal. I dunno what came into my professor's mind to call me first. I know my answer was good but it wasn't my best. after i answer and take my seat, ideas sprouted into my mind and came into this thinking:

"The youth is the hope of our nation," Rizal once said. I guess Claro M. Recto came into this thinking as well why he thought imposing such law to study the life and works of Rizal would be better for the youth to realize and understand their part as a citizen and of what they can do to make Philippines even better. It is through EDUCATION that the Filipino youth can make it possible. Every Filipino, i believe has a high level of determination and that's what makes us differ from other races. We are determined and are willing to work hard just to make dreams come true. to make a better living. But by now, the idea about youth being the hope of our nation was already taken away.

In every 10 Filipinos, only 7 were able to finish grade school. in this 7, only 5 enters high school and 4 were able to graduate. Of 4 Filipinos who graduated high school, only 3 were able to enter college and 2 of these 3 Filipinos were able to get a degree successfully.

In every 10 Filipinos who studies in a public school, only 4 were able to have a book. The other 6 has to share.

It's a sad issue that we forget to face. We try to keep on solving poverty where in the first place its roots are neglected. It's basically education (next to health) that is least prioritized where in fact it should be highly prioritized. The government is allocating a least budget for education. Everyone is concern about infrastructures, agriculture and protection about violence. Ok, i always notice a road reconstruction every time election is coming. a building for these and that but has they finished anything after election? most were hanged. Agriculture, do you know that we really don't have to allocate a big budget when it comes to agriculture. You know what's the problem? It's Nationalism. We always think that a product of our own is cheap, jologs, baduy, out of style and all crappy stereotypes. We don't entertain our own product. Do you ever wonder what's that onion and garlic you have in your kitchens? Probably, they are not from Tagalog and Ilocos regions. I bet yours are from those of Taiwan's genetically modified products. We are not proud of who we are and what we have. Lastly, protection about Violence. Do we really have to impose such laws regarding this matter? I really don't think so. I strongly believe that it's really education that can back it up. In the first place, a lot do not know what's in Bill of Rights. How will people know in the first place if they are uneducated.

Education in comparison with other countries is cheaper here. but really not. The salary wage isn't enough to suffice the needs of a family. They are earning dollars per hour and us just pesos in a day. They earn enough because they know how to value theirs. that's the secret man! In Europe, most countries offer free education. Nice isn't it? Everyone are given the chance to learn, to become skilled, to be professionals. In the end, it's their country that profit. because they are all skilled and professionals, they know how to start. they know where to start. therefore, poverty is prevented. Here, you are dying hard enough for a scholarship, but still, it isn't given. Many stop schooling even if determined because the wage of the family can't support anymore the studies of three.

We all try to provide what we actually think is answer to poverty - agriculture and infrastractures. but are we sure what we are doing is the right thing? There's this old saying from Fishing Rod Effect:

Teach a man to fish and he will never be hungry. Give man a fish and he will ask for more

I know, KABATAAN party list can do something to uplift the Philippines by prioritizing the youth by giving what is practically needed, EDUCATION. an education that everyone can afford. A school where everyone can have a book. A school that is officially made to give knowledge and develop skills that will lead to a better leadership. We all have the talents and skills. They are just purely raw. It needs to be developed.

The YOUTH is the HOPE of OUR NATION. Our Future is our choice.


the philosphical bastard said...

couldnt agree more!

YNA said...

What I haven't told you, was that I love your opinions.

I just wasn't able to tell (especially the last confe. Remember, sexuality and respect?) you. Ayun.

Imagine if the our country would have as much professionals, there'd be more jobs cause of the booze of entrepreneurs, there'd be more ideas, people would have much better lives. If. And only if.

L.A said...

Wait is this related kay Shari uber supporter si Shari dun,,,ay hindi pala member sya nun...

Waaah if i coulkd just vote....iboboto ko din sila

Ken said...

Please do vote for DIWA(Democratic Independent Workers Association) as well. Their representatives are: Atty. Emeline Aglipay(DLSU SC President Batch at some time in 2000, UP Law School), Pepito Pico, Dr. Juan Roberto L. Abling, Atty. Jamairy Dumado and Atty. Luisita Agbayani. :)

lea said...

I hate it that Filipinos are getting so much ignorant. And yes, I agree that education would absolutely teach a man to fish.

Mabuhay ang mga KABATAAN!
(Too bad I can't vote yet)

puklo said...

it should not be:


it should be: