Saturday, June 30, 2007

That 18 days DISASTER!

I simply hate this semester. June is over and the start isn’t really that good. I am in this too much depression because I told myself I will pay more attention on my studies because I’m already counting my days to school. Everything wasn’t right. Everything that is happening is not according to my plan. Not because I’m lazy enough to study my lesson. I thought I will be challenged with the semester’s great deal package – psychiatric mental health and critical health nursing. In this years semester, only 18 days was allotted to finish everything. It was abrupt. Everything seems to be in a rush and it pretty fine with me and I’m already used to being rushed. At least after that 18 days, I will not (or should I say rarely) go to school because we’re more on staffing now. I am not protesting against the idea of having only 18 days class (4 hours each day) which includes 9 quizzes, 5 unit tests, a prelim, a midterm and final examination. I’m really determined to learn and willing enough to fill my weakness with everything that I will learn/encounter through lectures especially in my clinical practice. I go to school to learn. And because I go to school to learn, I know that learning is a hand in hand process. I know that. But what if no one’s gonna provide the other hand? What if only learner is present and no good conductor/lecturer is present to competitively provide what is to be learned. I know students should not solely depend on the teacher to learn. A teacher won’t provide anything. It’s true. Students in the same way should have the initiative, eagerness, determination, and the action to really learn. But the students need not to provide everything, almost everything just to learn. It is very stressing in the part of the students if they will keep on providing everything. In that sense, the epitome of the teacher will be disregarded. Teaching is such a noble profession and should not be taken for granted.

One of the primary reasons of premiere universities of taking only limited number of students enters a specific course is due to the learning process. Excessive number may affect the effectivity of learning and teaching. I guess that should also be the same criteria to be used in hiring competitive professors especially in college.

I passed the 18 days lecture with loads of exams. I almost got perfect scores in all quizzes and exams and I bet I will get a grade not less than 1.5 with Critical Care Nursing. But this is one thing I can really tell: I learned nothing. And it’s sad. It’s really very depressing on my part because I really have to make up on it and God! I’m on my fourth year, a semester away from entering another road. It’s a total disaster. L I thank God that that 18 days disaster is over. I just really have to make up on what was lost.


L.A said...

Hayz...Minsan mas gusto ko pa sa area ng duty mas madami pa ako natutunan dun.

Lecture sometimes really2x SUCKS!

Anyway ang Prize? wala pa din?

bulitas said...

pareng aaron. chill lang. troubled and (boring lectures) do end. =) gudluck and godbless!

utakGAGO said...


gagraduate ka na pala! T_T ewan ko kung creeepy ba yan or what - i mean, yung future life mo.

:) pero at least you nailed your tests. that's good.

chuchay said...

GO GO GO! Kaya mo yan.. onti nalang ga-graduate ka na! :)

God bless you!