Thursday, June 07, 2007



First of all, I really wanna send in my big thanks for appreciating the worth of my blog. I really never expected to receive such one. I know you guys know what I'm talking about but in case not (hehe), it's about winning the Best Boy's Blog Category at Candy Blog Awards. I know it would be impossible for me and my blog to get it without you guys. To the judges, Ms. Mimi Tiu, Ms. Macy Alcaraz, Ms. Bianca Gonzales, Ms. Patty Laurel, and Ms. Ala Paredes, thank you very much for seeing the worth of my blog. And for all those who voted me in, thanks for appreciating mine. I just wonder how much of the criteria did I get.

  • Read-worthy - 50%

    The biggest chunk of your points will go to this. After all, we do visit blogs to read and view (if there are pictures!) them, right? Good blogs have interesting content and, let’s not forget, good grammar. ;-) Does your blog make your visitor want to read more?

  • Eye Candy - 25%

    How well is your blog designed? Does your design tie up with your content? It’s everything about how you place your image headers, links, ads, etc. It’s all about the colors you use and the fonts, too. Does it look like a big confusing mess or an organized kind of clutter?

  • Consistency - 15%

    How often do you update your content? It doesn’t mean that you do it everyday but you do update on a regular basis. Who would want to visit a blog that isn’t updated in a month, right?

  • Real Deal - 10%

    How original is your site? From the design to the concept to the actual content, how much of is it is really yours? Pretty designs and graphics downloaded from other people can only take you so far, but engaging content made by you is what’s important.

-Criteria for judging, Candy Blog Awards

First Times.

I was browsing my archives because I know it's almost a year since I started socializing with other bloggers. It was Ron who first messaged me at YM and it's also him who introduced me to other bloggers namely Kevin Moses who at that moment is still at blogspot, Jhed who said he is the sleeping giant, Rens who at that moment is keeping his new Kalansay at blogspot, Cars who thinks everything is just a stellar, Rina who tells all her cheesyness at kawaii, Rob who gives his daily humor post while walking away, Paul Irvin who is still as good as bulitas, and Mico who said to mind him less. It was dated 07-June, 2006 when I met them. Now, it's already a year. Wow! It's really a year. they helped me get out of my shell and I owe them a lot. Now, I keep on knowing more bloggers. There's Alan, Yna, Joe, Kim, LA, Denib, Ian, Darwin, Karla, Jed, Coy, Vinci, and Jeff.

Speaking of.

Speaking of bloggers, I'm gonna see them again before the class starts. haha. To enjoy my 3 days vacation also. haha. It's my 5th time to see most of them personally. So I'll just see them around this 9th of June, 2pm at Starbs. I'm so excited. sheez. LOL


YNA said...

Congratulations, Aaron. You deserve it.

You'd get to know me, yah know. Really. I just hope we'd be able to talk tomorrow about things. Many people are coming and honestly, I would really love it if I'd get to talk, even a bit, to everyone.

It's June 7? Golly, my birthday. LOL. And yeah, thanks for the greeting!

Heneroso said...

hahah! naalala ko pa tuloy dati nung naglalaban tayo sa talksmart! shet! hihihi haaay...

sephthedreamer said...

Nakita ko kanina sa isang magazine ang url ng blog ni Bianca Gonzales at ngayon sa blog mo naman! Destiny yatang pumunta ako sa blog niya.

Anyway. Hindi ko na kailangang maglagay ng mga dedication at pasasalamat dito. See you tomorrow na lang. He He.

L.A said...

Amfufu! Aaron di ka nagsasabi kasama ka pala dito? Amp! Ngayon ko lang naalaala yung title nung blog mo sa mga listahan nun finalist sa Best Boy Blog.

Si Darwin kasi finalist din dyan sya lang yung alam ko yun pala ikaw din amp!

congrats! say hello sa iyong brand new camera and dutch mill GP.

Chhheeeeers! ^^,

P.S - You'll know more about me haha

cars said...

aaron! di tayo nakausap. :(

CONGRATULATIONS! woohoo! you deserve it. hahaha :)