Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tagged: Weirdo this time

I was tagged again. this time by Vinci. Since I want to open myself to everyone (as some sort of knowing me better. LOL), i'll be answering his tag. So what's the tag all about?

Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things/facts about him/her. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things/facts as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. I am an unwanted child.
There are only two people who know this matter. One is my kumpare and the other is my best college buddy. My mom was in her last year in college in some premiere university in Manila when i was formed. My mom tried to abort me but it didn't happen. She consulted Dr. X about this matter and she wanted that doctor to do it. The doctor refused to do it and told my mom that if my mom don't want to let that issue be known by her parents, then that doctor will take care of my mom until she give birth. and if that issue will be kept, that doctor will keep and raise me. but my mom (through the help of the doctor), realized that it shouldn't be kept and i need not to be aborted. Now, I'm here. existing for almost 20 years. Loved. XD

2. My family used to call me Tata. My mother's side call me Aldrin.
Where did they come from? I know you do ask that now. I was called Tata because according to them, it is the first invented word that came to my mouth when i was an infant. Since then I was called Tata. It's only my kumpare who know the story about that. Right Chimps? haha. Lol. my mother's side used to call me Aldrin because supposedly, my name is really to be Aldrin. But because of some reasons, the Dr. X told them not to name me Aldrin. The name is not fitted since I am the eldest grandson in both side. It was my Aunt who named me Aaron James.

3. Numbers 13 and 4 were very significant to me.
Why? It's really something but no matter how forceful i tell myself not believe numerology, incidences keep on bringing me there to believe. In numerology, there is no such number as 13. if you add them (1 + 3), it will result to 4. I was born on the 13th of November at exactly 1:30am. weird. They keep on bringing me luck (plus of course with all my hardships). I couldn't last a day without encountering the said two numbers. The way 4 is described in numerology exactly defines my personality. Seriously. It's really surprising.

4. Night person ever since.
I grew up very Western. Even when I was a child (probably age 5), I always see myself seeing myself sleep late. I'm awake at the wee hours of the night. I still remember Channel 2 show Sarimanok during midnight to end the day. But still, I'm still awake. Most of the memories that I recall happened at night time. yeah, no kidding. Now, I realize that maybe one of the reasons why I still have this habit of staying late is I find time to talk to myself, relax, and do the things that I want. No one is to bother me. I find peace. Night time is very tranquil especially when at home.

5. Don't talk to me.
This is something really weird that I do not understand. Do not talk to me when i just woke up. Do not shoot me questions or ask me to do something like these and that. I easily get annoyed. Do not also talk to me when I decided to eat alone. I prioritize eating first and I'm busy eating. I really get annoyed whenever someone ask me questions. Anyway, my answer shows that I don't want to entertain questions. Anyway, that attitude is only observed at home and in places i want to be alone. I'm frank and straight to the point person. when a person is so numb, i can tell directly I'm busy eating and if they can stop talking to me at that moment. Eating is the only one of the time (during awake) that I get to serve myself.

6. Pediatrician.
My family doesn't know about my plan of continuing my course to being Pediatrician. Beside the bloggers, it's only Anakat, Rheez, Gladys, and Cristina who know about this. I do not know where I get the inspiration to try even harder to become a pediatrician. I really hope to see Dr. San Pedro in the near future. I really love math and philosophy but i'm willing to give up all my interest to the said two just to become one. There's this inner me saying the reason why I should become one and it still remains a question. What I know is that I'm very much willing to follow my inner self. Oh, yeah. My kumpare knows this also.

Now, I guess I'm much more open to all of you and to the world. Hehe. That's all I can share for now I guess. hehe. I'm tagging no one. I'm allowing anyone to grab the opportunity to tell 6 Facts about themselves. I apologize for responding to the tag late. haha

Dr. X is our family Physician and he still is. I owe him a lot. I owe. Beside my parents, I owe him my life. If not because of him, maybe I'm not here. Thanks Dr. Sam Basconcillo. I owe you my life.


Arlo said...

Dr. Basconcillo was really really nice. Have you met him personally?

baylon said...

ako surgeon. niahaha. sana nga, sana...

Mike said...

hey there. at long last. haha.

i also answered the tag a little later than expected because i've got no spare time.

i've also dreamed of becoming a doctor, specifically doctor of internal med. but i ended up studying for a career in broadcasting. it's very tangential. haha.

cars said...

wow. your story is really beautiful. :)you know what? i think you want to become a pedia because of that -- to take care of children how Dr. Basconcillo took care of you. :) Awww.

I shall not disturb you while eating! haha. Hindi mo rin ako makakausap pag bagong gising.

Night person ever since, too! :D

YNA said...

There. I'm trying to catch up with everyone.

Had your name been 'Aldrin San Pedro', you could have had the same name as our city mayor (Muntinlupa), Mr. Aldrin San Pedro. Ahaha. That's why I always remember the jingle that he used last election. LOL.

Good thing the doctor was able to persuade your mom. Or else, there'll be no Aaron James San Pedro here.

Yun lang. Daaaan!

sephthedreamer said...

i share two qualities with you- 4 and 5.

i never knew some of your secrets and yeah, totally agree to yna. buti na lang may aaron james. :D