Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Forceful Hiatus! no! not! NEVER!!!

And so I was in hiatus for how many days. Yeah I’m not a regular poster but I do use YMessenger and YMail everyday. I don’t have a very good internet connection for the past 14 days and counting and I’m hella freaking in here right now. Smartbro is hell! I swear! Intermittent connection for 2 weeks, how was that? God! Haven’t talked seriously to anyone along YMessenger. And it’s hard because I don’t have any personal updates with the other bloggers. I missed the night conferences (though I know it’s been rare since school year started), I missed the WIKA Conference too because of a very bad connection. I know I missed a lot. I’m willing to make up on it. So what happened to me these past few days?

Hmm…I watched two good movies with my pareng bespren using his brainy jazz. His treat. Haha. The two movies were damn great (Transformers and Die Hard 4.0) but the person I’m with is much greater. Hmm..At long last, I got some personal talks with him. I want to apologize for being late. Haha. Kasi naman may nalalaman pa ako na aagahan ko late din pala ako darating. But anyway, I really feel comfortable talking with my bestfriend and we found out that we have a lot of similarities. We agree on a lot of things. I do not know why others don’t really see his worth. He is a good person and I myself can prove it. I do not know why and how it all started but I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. Having him and Celine as my bestfriend together with my family, I know I’m in safe people. I feel secured. And I can’t ask for more. Before I feel I don’t have everything in life. I don’t have the things I always ask. I often ask God why He allowed me to live and of all the million people in the world, why it has to be me to feel that miserable, desperate, frustrated. I often tell him to get back the life He gave me because I never want to live anymore. Before, I hated life so much. For being in that situation and for being a sickly one. For feeling no one loves me. But I was indeed wrong. Now, I’m getting at my twenties and I feel I have everything. I’m a better person already. I still don’t have the things I wish to have, the people I wanna be with. I’m not yet in the situation I wanna be but I really don’t care anymore. I am glad where I am right now and who I have at the moment. I’m glad I’m here.

Hi guys! I decided to be in hiatus for a month as challenged by my bestfriend. Haha. I might still be posting but not be signing in at Ymessenger and the whole internet service for a month starting today. To Joe, Irvin, Jhed, Moses, Rens, Alan, Kim, Jed, Yna, Karla, Cars, LA, Arnel, Jeff, Shari, Tito Jin, and Vinci, you know how to reach me via SMS. Hehe. Pls update me especially when it comes to blogging events. The reason why I will be in hiatus for a month is this:

There shall be no sexual activities for 30 days. No pornographic material by any form of media. In the absence of video as proof, it would be by honesty basis.

I’m just avoiding the sources of temptations. I am challenged by my pareng bespren. Huhu. But no, I can do this! I can! Ok. See you guys on the 10th of August.


Dantes said...

It is good to hear that you found what makes you glad and secured. I'm sure they feel the same way too!

Woah! You really are dead serious with the challenge given to you! Are temptations really bugging you that much? Haha! Well, what can I say, we're only human haha! Am I right Tata?! Haha!

Good luck with this challenge! Hope you can do it! And be honest too! Haha!

L.A said...

Good Heavens!!! Stop is Aaron! Mababaliw ka nyan no whatsoever from of sexual activities and stuff! haha...good luck good luck! cge txt kita pag merong event or something!!!!

gyk said...

¤ good luck with your challenge!

sephthedreamer said...

SERYOSO ba to, pards?

Jed said...

hmm.. no sexual activities in 30 days? that's hard. really hard.

Doubting Thomas said...

why not make it 40 days and 40 nights then document it. LOL.

anyways, PLDT sucks big time with their broadband, either mydsl or smartbro. They both suck.

I even blogged about it here.

Gusto mo sunugin natin PLDT?!

karlee said...

@ Doubting Thomas: errr. Smart Bro siya db? *looks back at post* yeah smart bro :P

@ aaron. first of all, anong bbcourt?! i dont play basketball! =)) second, grabe.sexual activity pala ang YMessenger? well.. goodluck anyways :| sana after this bet, eh tuluyan ka ng mamaliw sa sexual activities. :P