Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ahead of time

This entry is divided into three different categories (just in case you're confused about the relevance of each parts to one another).

Upon Review

Reviewing as part of preparation for examinations, quizzes, or whatsoever to get good remarks was never really my part for it will spoil what I have learned by myself or from the lectures given by any professors. I only review if what i am into is a research or a proposal stuff because i have to present it at its best. I am not a grade-conscious person, really. An individual's competency can't be observed completely on how neat the transcript of record or how high your remarks in licensure examination was. Yes, intellectual capacity of each individual matters but applying what you have learned in the clinical setting therapeutically is the one that really matters. All individuals can apply what was instructed to him but doing it therapeutically is what is paid and appreciated by most people.

Anyway, I was supposed to have my personal review and assessment on how my 3 years of being under a curriculum when i just can't find the book i'm going to use. Since i bought the book last late summer, i didn't get any chance to scan the 2,500 questions and then when i got the interest to answer manually (because most of the time, i review my intellectual capacity electronically), i just cant find the book. How lucky I was.


Being optimistic is not always looking at the brighter side. it's seeing both sides and preparing for what might happen next. "What if" questions are not part of being and keeping an optimistic personality. They are directed negatively and give no chance of keeping hope at your side.


Dreams can wait. sometimes they are also replaced by something higher and better. Dreams are made to keep a goal and motivate each one of us to where and what we want to be. For the past years, I've been bragging about my plan of starting my dream of becoming a pediatrician (as field of interest and specialization) in the next few years. This one's I promise, yeah, I will. I will not fail you.


beyond essence said...

Optimism is the foundation of courage. so keep your head up and continue travelling life's road. you'll be a good pedia someday, in God's own perfect time.

gyk said...

gee. i thought you're GC (grade conscious). so true on what you said about "optimism"..

nice post though

L.A said...

Be aggressive, be be aggressive Aaron! Hehehe! Hey you can do that only little time to go before you can reach your DREAMS.