Thursday, August 09, 2007

in their absence

i just feel so alone. my dreams are going nowhere. inspirations were lost. suddenly, i realized, i'm also losing grip

i will do everything just to bring back the pieces but doing everything is still wasn't enough. I don't want to think of tomorrow but everytime i try to be conscious of time, i'm just realizing the most feared day. the most feared day is coming nearer and nearer. It's hard. it's all i wish but then not given.

Haha. i'm getting insane. i'm getting tired. getting tired of everything.

Happiness? How does it feel? i forgot the feeling...


Arlo said...

It's alright Parekoy. I guess everyone has experienced that kind of stage. I did as well. I even had a post about it.

YNA said...

Arlo's right, Aaron. And hey, I'm sure we'd get through this. (Kasama ba ako? Haha)

Lalon said...

I say somehow felt this way before.. sorta.. it's pretty normal.

Just a piece of advise here.. follow your instincts.. listen to yourself.. i know this may sound vague, but trust me it works and it'll suffice to your happiness. :)

Be strong! *^_^*

Dantes said...

Don't feel that you are alone. There are a lot of people that you can hold on to. Patience is the key. Every moment that you work so hard to rebuild what is then shattered into pieces counts.

We never forget how it feels to be happy. We just crave for that feeling every once in a while so stay strong and whenever you fall, you can always count on us to get you up back on your feet.

You can wing this one out Tata.

gyk said...

you can get through whatever that you are feeling right now. just be patient.. that's all.

Gean said...

Aww, I guess I'm not alone. Emoshitness coming up! Hehe.

Blog hopped! :)

zeus said...


so your in "THAT STATE"


every body goes thru that. and that's what friends are here for

just look back, they are there waiting for you to ask

Jed said...

we're on the same boat my friend aaron. we're on the same boat.

rv said...

just got reminded by a shirt of my friend:


you'll get through this, it's... normal.