Monday, September 03, 2007

Behind controversies

The Philippines has bigger and sensible problems to face than dealing with that issue of Willie Revillame and Joey De Leon. I don't have any brighter idea why we have to root the original cause and all. Who would have the interest to watch a "news" if all you can see and hear are about gossips and celebrity issues. OH MY GOD! They are just wasting the masses' precious time. Can you still call that a "sensible" news if all the news exposed on Philippine media are about showbusiness? The whole media is revolving on celebrities. but don't tell me that even the smallest segment alloted to talk and inform people about what's happening with our motherland, the Philippines will still be taken to talk about celebrity and station issues. Let us focus ourselves to something that has with "sense". Everybody keeps on saying that A time wasted is a time lost. So can we use our time wisely?

Gossip has always been one of the evil pleasures. It is unworthy, nosy, hypocritical and moralistic, a sort of participatory nastiness. But does it play a heroic moral role hitherto unnoticed? Is gossip merely a swamp that breeds mosquitoes and disease? Or does it have higher functions in the ecosystem?

You think. You decide.

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fuck u nonsense