Friday, September 28, 2007

Child Abuse and Maltreatment

I do not exactly know the reason why I feel stupid about myself. I do not know it it is because I'm so attached with righteousness (which i strongly believe I don't) and just can't do anything about what's going wrong because I do not have the power. Each one of us may have the authority to do changes to make even at least a little difference but not all have the courage to do it. And I guess most of the time, I don't have the courage to initiate and make changes. I blame the time for moving so slow or the fate for bringing me where I am now for the wrong time.

It's already late in the evening but I'm just only about to go and make my way home. While walking on the dark street to make it on my way home, I heard a rearing potpot sound. I didn't looked back for I know it's just some old man selling balut over his pedicab. but i was wrong. the vendor passed me and all i saw is some 10-year child taking the risks of what might happen to him every time the night starts. I felt the deep abyss of depression when i got to see that child in the pedicab selling his balut while fighting with the heavy rain just to earn something. I am not sure if that child goes to school in the morning and works at night just to have some money to bring when he goes to school. but that's not the point. The child has parents and the parents should do the work especially that kind of risky job. Yes, not all has the average kind of living to support and give the family's basic needs. But this has something to do with how we act. with how smart we think. with how hard we prioritize. Usually, the parents of those child who we often see everyday/night are there doing their extra vices thinking that it's always siesta. I just don't see the point why those "parents" have the guts to do that kind of living. That they can take to see their children working and putting their lives at risk. It's not about poverty. It's about knowing one's responsibility.


zeus said...

that was hell


but we cant blame them, we dont know if the parents are also working

people really need to work harder (emphasis on harder) because the money that might be coming in is insufficient to sustain ones life and family

jaycee said...

It's really sad and depressing to see children roam around the streets in order to make a living. True indeed that they might had parents that should support them, but we still can't blame most of them. What if both his or her parents were working but the family budget is still tight?

We cannot just judge and at the same time blame, and point our fingers. It's best if we can extend a hand to help.