Saturday, September 01, 2007

Is it good to be like everyone else?

David Gordon (John Cusack) is an eccentric science fiction writer who considers adopting Dennis (Bobby Coleman), a young orphaned boy who claims to be from Mars. Ignoring some sage advice about the perils of parenthood from his sister, Liz (Joan Cusack), and the qualms of children’s group home director, Sophie (Sophie Okonedo), David decides he wants to be a father to the odd youngster who keeps insisting he is an alien. Even with the support of his sympathetic friend, Harlee (Amanda Peet), the aspiring dad soon finds himself in way over his head. For starters, he’s in danger of missing his next publishing deadline and that has his nervous agent, Jeff (Oliver Platt), pretty worried. And then there is the social worker, Lefkowitz (Richard Schiff), and his review board who also have some serious doubts about David’s suitability as a dad.In the midst of all this, young Dennis exhibits some pretty strange behavior and adamantly insists that he does indeed come from the red planet. A series of inexplicable events ultimately leads David to wonder if the boy’s claims are based on fact or fantasy. Whatever the true origins of this strange little boy, David gradually finds himself growing more and more attached to him. Finally, when Dennis tries to live out the last chapter of his fantasy and unknowingly puts himself into serious danger, David discovers the transformational power of his love for the ‘Martian’ child.Martian Child is a thought provoking comedy-drama about a widower who adopts a highly unusual young boy. Introducing Bobby Coleman, who stars opposite Best Actor Golden Globe Nominee John Cusack (Must Love Dogs, High Fidelity), the film also stars Amanda Peet (Something’s Gotta Give), as well as Oscar nominees Joan Cusack (Working Girl, In and Out) and Sophie Okonedo (Hotel Rwanda), and Golden Globe & Emmy nominee Oliver Platt (“Huff,” “The West Wing”) and Emmy winner Richard Schiff (“The West Wing”). Based on the Hugo and Nebula Award winning short story by sci-fi luminary David Gerrold, the film is directed by Menno Meyjes (Academy Award-nominated screenwriter of The Color Purple and writer/director of Lionsgate's Max). The producers are David Kirschner, Corey Sienega and Ed Elbert. The screenwriters are Seth Bass & Jonathan Tolins.

The highlights?

I haven't watched the movie yet because it will be open in Cinemas on the 26th of October. but basing on the trailer itself, i believe, this inspiring comedy-drama movie will make me laugh and cry hard enough. I'm really looking forward to seeing and knowing the success of this film.

It doesn't matter where you come from. [...] there's nothing you can do that would change the way i feel about you...

I don't want to bring another kid into this world but how do you argue against another one who is already here? - David Gordon

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beyond essence said...

"It doesn't matter where you come from. there's nothing you can do that would change the way i feel about you..." panalo ito! magamit nga itong mga lines na ito!

Dantes said...

When I first saw the trailer of the movie, I told myself "I'm going to watch this movie no matter what it takes".

And that line where John Cusack told the kid really is a winning line.