Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Sixth Commandment

Everybody or almost everyone who uses and reads the Holy Bible where Christ is the saviour knows what the sixth commandment is.

You Shall NOT Commit Adultery

But what IS adultery?

Adultery is marital infidelity. A married person who has sexual relations with anyone but their lawful spouse, even transient sexual relations, commits adultery.

What's under adultery?

Divorce: no need for further explanation

Fornication— All aspects of intimate contact associated with the marriage act also constitute fornication for Jesus said, "I say to you, everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart" (Matthew 9:28). If lustful looks are adulterous, how much worse is lustful physical contact? Ok. what can we do?

Prostitution—Prostitution reduces a person to an instrument of sexual pleasure and lust. It is gravely contrary to charity and chastity and defiles the body, the temple of the Holy Spirit. However, destitution, blackmail or social pressure can reduce the gravity of the sin. Still, prostitution is always a sin.

Rape—A person who commits rape violates the respect, freedom, physical and moral integrity of the victim. It is a brutal crime of violence that can physically and psychologically scar a person for life. It is thus a grave sin (CCC 2356).

Incest—"Incest is intimate relations between relatives or in-laws within a degree that prohibits marriage between them" (CCC 2388). St. Paul condemns incest in his letter to the Corinthians (1 Corinthians 5:1,4-5).

Pornography—Pornography is the display of intimate real or simulated sexual acts to a third party. Because it removes the marriage act from within the sacramental sanctity of marriage, and perverts sex, it is gravely contrary to charity (CCC 2354). The display of pornography to children and other parties is especially gravely sinful because it is gravely scandalous.

Homosexual acts—Although it remains to be determined if homosexuality is a genetic, social or personal stigma, homosexual acts are condemned by God and can NEVER be approved by the Church (1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Genesis 19:1-29, Romans 1:24-27 and CCC 2357). If homosexuals are born with the condition, then they are called to live a life of Christian purity and chastity for the greater love of Christ. Such people can experience a life of trial, which all others must treat with compassion and sensitivity.

Masturbation— masturbation!?

"Masturbation is the deliberate stimulation of the sexual organs in order to derive sexual pleasure" (CCC 2352). The Church teaches that sex has two main purposes that must be sought in the marriage act: sex is for reproduction of children within a valid marriage, and it is a loving, unifying act between husband and wife. Masturbation violates both aspects of the natural law and is thus a grave sin.

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utakGAGO said...

What's MASTURBATION again?

[Grabe ang lalim ng meaning.]

Whatta serious post. Can't really comment about anything since I rarely do adultery.

No, not even rarely.

Arlo said...

What's masturbation?

Is there such word as masturbating?

Sorry I dunno that. Can't relate anyhow. :-/

gyk said...

hindi ba pati premarital sex under din?

ahaha! sorry for some guys who masturbate, they're committing adultery. . .

yoshke said...

oh well. then im a hopeless case. i shall go to hell. no doubt about that.

but then again, hindi naman kasi ako naniniwala sa bibliya.

jay-ar said...

OMG! Am I going to hell? lolz.

Billycoy said...

Umuusok ako habang binabasa ang post mo ngayon.

And yung huli?! it can't be!!!

david.edward said...

kaya bawal ang "masturbation" dahil unang una, ang mga "man juices" ay nagcrecreate ng human life. so everytime na ginagawa ng mga guys un, parang nagsasayang sila ng buhay. kaya galit ang simbahan..kasi di ba nga, humayo kayo at magpakarami? aun ang sabi ng simbahan pero im not saying na mag asawa kau ng maaga para magkaroon kayo ng sex life ah.. wag ganun.. tsktsk..

david.edward said...

ganito na lang guys.. payo lang.. dont do it yourself.. dont touch your "birdie".. kahit natetempt na kayo..
ngaun pag napuno na yan, ang result wet dreams. so if ever that happen, walang kayong kasalanan kasi hindi naman kau ung gumwa di ba? body reaction na un.. wala kang ginawa kasi tulog ka.. hehehe..
"weird ni david.edward" hahaha

L.A said...

Bat ganun sa iba masturbation lang sakin "masturbation and homosexuality" huhu am so makasalanan huhu!

Dantes said...

So... I scored... Uhm... For sure I'm going down, down, down!


Lalon said...

hmm.. basta if you're commited.. make sure to commit yourself talaga and be faithful to your partner. ^^*

hxero said...

maturbation naks... guilty ata lahat d2 pati na "most" na mga pari... tsk3

daniel-Jr said...

ganun?! huwaat! violent reaction ba. hehe. pero btw, ang mahalaga talaga is we should be faithful. ang hirap talagang mabuhay ng christian life pero at least we should try :D