Saturday, September 15, 2007

some spice

I'm always used to this bitter taste. Aromatic as bitter coffee may seem but what lies behind is still the undeniable bitter taste that each coffee bean brings for every sip I take. Because of knowing it's coffee that i'm taking in, I forgot to appreciate the presence of sugar that adds sweetness and aroma each time i take a sip
Life's having a cup of coffee. You sit by the window, lift the cup and take a careless sip...only to realize that somebody forgot to put the sugar. too lazy to go for it, you somehow struggle through that sugarless cup..till you discover undissolved sugar crystals sitting at the bottom.
That's how life is..we do not make an effort to value what's with and around us...So look around...maybe the sweetness that we are looking for is closer than what we think!

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gyk said...

there are times talaga na we are unaware that what we are looking for is just around us. so close. pag wala, super regret naman..