Friday, November 02, 2007

Keeping in touch!

It's funny how we still find time to keep in touch with one another in spite of the busy schedules specially now that me, Tinay, and Rochelle are already graduating. I am happy I found them and that I still have them. Oh, it's been almost 7 years of happy friendship with them. I am really looking forward to have them as ninangs of my sons and daughters. They can really play the role. I want to thank them for always being there. They may seem silent at times, but you know, you can still feel their presence. I love them so much. We don't need special places to say we are able to keep in touch. One's home is more than a special place then add one's availability, it's more than perfect. We cooked a very own spaghetti, made popcorns, and had some bread. all with our efforts to make the day really very special. I am really looking forward to seeing this friends of mine again this coming Christmas vacation. I just hope I have a Christmas vacation. lol. XOXO

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