Tuesday, January 01, 2008

In response to bidding goodbye

Everyone deserves something. a great beginning or a happy ending. or it can be both. Well, it depends. We are the master of our own fate, and the great captain of our souls. We hold our fortune and therefore, we are held responsible to everything more especially to life. Don't put the blame to something that appears negative. As science has proven, negative attracts positive. This is exactly what a human being should do. Everyone can make something positive out of negative life incidences. Excusing yourself for you are only human and that you didn't had a good start is indeed a very invalid excuse. We are all humans. Excusing yourself is therefore defying your worth as a human being. Defying yourself to where you actually belong. Comparing a better life of someone with yours creates nothing but a question of WHY. My friend, this is a race of life. Not because you appear misfortunate, you'll end up unhappy. Always remember that you were placed in a situation not because deserve it. You were there so after you can be someone better. A tasty drink is not tasty because of additives. it is because of the natural juices extracted out of a squeeze. Same with life. A happy life doesn't depend on what surrounds you. It depends on how you act as yourself. So don't be afraid to go under pressure. Who knows that you can be someone better after some squeeze. The future is always a mystery. The best clue that you can ever have for tomorrow is how you work today. To you, welcome to reality. You can be happy. Only...only if you let yourself. May all your hardships bear its fruits. More fruits to come. A happy and prosperous new year to you.


Dan Hellbound said...

Turning something negative into a positive one can help oneself in order to be inspired in working towards his or her goals. One must not lose hope. And one must work hard in order for the fruits of labor to be much worth it.

Aaron, how are you? It's been a long time since I dropped by your blog. Sorry for that. Will be making it up to you, OK? Hehe.

Wishing you a happy and lucky 2008, my friend! Cheers!

bulitas said...

happy new year pareng aaron!

tuloy tuloy lang sa pagtakbo!
nasa sa'tin ang bilis at layo ng mararating natin!

rham1187.multiply said...

ganyan nga aaron! Aja! Godbless!