Saturday, February 23, 2008


Nursing student
Will take the NLE on June 2008
Studious (and determined to pass)
Can study in a group (advantage)
Can live without television
Can share on a 4-6 person capacity Condo unit located along U-belt
Not a party person

If you meet the following requirements, please mail me at: ajsanpedro[at]gmail[dot]com Thanks.

**Roommate is needed from April-May.

Just an update:
I'm enjoying my life. I'm happy and contented (though still aiming and working for the best).


Jinjiruks said...

actually ako nga eh naghahanap ng condo along makati business district pag andun ka eh. pwede kaya ako maki share haha.. anu ba ang terms. alam mo naman ang cp ko pamangkin dba.

karlee said...

Sinta ko. Kung Nursing student lang sana ako, nasamahan kita. :))

Miss na kita! You look good in your picture!! XD Anyway, summer na. Magparamdam naman! :P