Thursday, March 13, 2008


For some reason, I decided to post something again. I'm here at a computer shop outside our village. I just went here for a change, to socialize with others other than my family and classmates. While surfing the net and touring myself in the small computer shop, a man (who happens to be my sister's classmate when they were in elementary) got my attention. He is a 4th Year high school student from Liceo de Pulilan and yet he seem to be so unsure of his actions and what he is going to do. My doubts were proven when the assistant of the computer shop went beside him and assisted him on what this student should do. The computer assistant is kind enough to stay beside him and assist him in making his autobiography through a powerpoint presentation. The assistant left him with her thought that everything that will happen next will go according to this student's plan. But she was wrong. After 1 hour of full effort of this student, he accidentally clicked the close button and then followed by a No when asked by the computer if the data shall be saved and stored. That is when I feel pity for him. On the other hand, that's when I also realized that I am lucky enough to go on with the flow of the world. Lucky enough to be Computer literate. Blessed, I should say that I was able to understand the needs of the world to be able to compensate.

You who is reading this entry is lucky enough. blessed enough. So don't put into misuse what you have learned. use the so-called qualification right. Remember, not everyone in this world that we are living has what we have. may it be material or not. Everything is connected. Let us learn to appreciate the Wisdom of the Lord

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