Saturday, March 15, 2008


i'm a person full of sentiments in life. and just last thursday (03-13-08) reality is again sending me signals to start bidding goodbye to one i consider as part of my being for more than 5 years. it is hard, but yeah, but i have to learn how to let go. sooner or later, i will. it's just a matter of time to heal the wounds which I accidentally create. they say, when one has to go, a better one will come. but you know, not all aims for something better. i am contented and happy with what i currently have. and that's what matters most with me. what i value is the time and the special love i alloted. it may sound funny for some to cry out loud for a blocked SIM card but it's hard to let go of something that has been part of your identification more specially on how you have been true to it.


Anonymous said...

ayos lang yan kuia ko..

congratz nga pala kc

graduate ka na..

masaya ako para sa'yo..

cge ingat..




David Edward said...

Aaron, Congrats!
anyways, i know its hard to let go of that number, your old friends know that number, i myself have this globe number since 2nd year college and im still using it. even though i do have other number, that is still my main contact number.. :D