Wednesday, April 09, 2008

grand exit

what i should start thinking about now is about my personal life (my career to be exact). But before all, i want to express my deepest gratitude and a heart full of anger to all those who deserves it.

Our dean from Bulacan State University-College of Nursing should not be expecting to read not even a single thank you message for her. I will not mention the name for i will make her a lot more famous in vitual world. To give clues on who she is enough for her to know that it is her that I am pertaining. I have always expressed in this blog (and to my old blog) how planned is my future (on what i will do after school and all). I have always recognized the value of time and that it should not be wasted. Last 02-April, 2008, we were finally called graduates and alumni's of the university. It is nice and a great feeling actually to march that day and that to learn that a new chapter/opportunity is off to be grabbed. Sadly, not for us. It has always been an issue not only to out college but also even to the administrations including the registrar how illogical and how impaired the decision making of the so-called leaders of our college, most especially our dean. We will not be able to take the June boards because according to her, we were INCOMPETENT (just to make it short). Should she not be ashamed of what she had just said? We are the products of their combined efforts and labors and yet we are not yet ready to be taken by the public (just taking the idea to her mean). There is NO SYSTEM. Even some of the faculty professors from the same college just claimed that. Ok, let's say that we were really "incompetent" and that we will just cause shame to our university if we pursue to take the June boards. As one of those in the issue, I immediately went to my PLAN B. To make the coming 8 months more productive than reading nursing books, I and some smart friends started to do something for our papers to be processed such as diploma, transcripts, good moral, and the same type of papers for us to be able to get a job with higher position (manager, supervisor, etc.) while doing our part to pass and TOP the Nov Nursing Licensure Examination. Unfortunately, our beloved dean doesn't want to sign in our clearance for the papers to be processed. The reason? We have not submitted and completed some requirements? WTFudge! Did we all hear it right? As far as we are concern, we have already graduated. To that mean, we can all take that we have successfully completed the course requirements to be able to march and be called as graduates. Anyway, I blame all the not so well decisions that I am making since the day I became a BulSu student. I am just really mad at her! I will not be able to grab and take some opportunities to get some self fulfillment/achievement all because of her wrong decisions in the College where I belong.

On the other hand, I would like to express my deepest and sincerest form of gratitude to the following people:

To Dean Morala (The dean of Institute of Science [formerly College of Arts and Sciences]), for contacting me and giving me a warm welcome to your college. It is just sad that nursing has to separate from your institution and make a different college. If only nursing still belongs to your college, I believe such things will not happen. I had been a witness of all your efforts to make our CAS outstanding than the rest. Thank you for all the TRUST which we never received from out present dean.

To Engr. Rina Santiago, for helping me in all of my concerns regarding subject matters, and the university itself.

To Mrs. Loida Crespo, Mrs. Racquel Espinola, Ms. Magdalena Soyosa, Mrs. Leila Calma, Mrs, Julie Gatchalian, Mrs. Etchi Francisco, and Sir AJ Pacis, for uplifting our spirits that we are better individuals. To know that there are people who continue to believe in our capabilities, it already matters for us to keep going on the right path and to pursue harder to give such a pride

To Mr. Richie Almendrala, I apologize about what happened. I know that what our batch did is indeed very unethical just to show a batch unity. You should not be proud of that. You just helped some to grow in an immoral way. Anyway, thank you for giving them a chance to prove what they have to prove.

To Nanay Soledad Gabriel, for always being my nanay in the operating room. for all the sermons I will never forget, I will miss learning from you.

To family and friends who continue to support my decisions in life, especially with regards to my career, to know that there are people behind my back, it gives enough courage to keep going and aim higher.


David Edward said...

ei cheer up.. dont worry, it'll pass by na di mo namamalayan.. there is a reason for everything.

jod said...


buhay nga naman. isang pagsubok lang yan. :)

maayos din ang problema.

link ex?

Arlo said...

Hmmm.. With all due respect to your Uni, Parekoy, I think BulSu cares about their name and reputation too much. Like a stage mom who always wants her kid to shine, like what most schools do. Somehow it's good for you guys (more review hours, better chance of passing) but the rules should be applied in general. You said there is no system, probably it really doesn't exist. This made me think of some reason why BulSu always bag major awards. Again, with all due respect to its students.

bleue said...

haha! the hell with people who enjoy making the lives of students miserable, i wish they all burn in hell, aw! am i too mean!?!

your dean should be ashame of herself, biruin mo, para sabihin nya na incompetent kayo is an implication the she herself and the whole department is incompetent, afterall, you were all under her umbrella, and how far you can go depends on how much efforts they exert on teaching and molding you...

anyway, i also experienced that diffuculty in getting my school papers/transcripts/docs after graduation, until nnow i don't have my transcript yet, pahirapan eh, mga paimportante, oh well ewan sa kanila... haha!

Anonymous said...

what your dean just said is a mere reflection of who and what she is as head of your college.. ang lungkot nun ah. goodluck

Ian said...

Some people would really care for their own reputation than the future of others. As if they'll bring all of their "school accolades" at the time they die. Pinapahirapan pa kayo, grabe.

Wishing you luck, my friend. You'll get through this, and possibly with flying colors.