Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mea Culpa

April 23 was marked as Earth Day. It's sad. You know why? It's a sign that the world that we are living today is getting highly endangered. and it's causing harm now to the people living. A sign? Global warming. It's all our fault. Like most (i did not say all) people who dream of a just, free, and progressive country, they do nothing but instead adding more problems in their society. We are all so aware about the crisis that the world (not just our country) is facing today. Some act to at least, somehow, save a piece. and that's a good indicator. One must not wait for someone to act before doing something. We all carry a big responsibility but we can start in little ways. I know it is difficult for all to turn off any form of equipments that creates electrical conduction at 8-9PM. You can try setting your own time. But you know? I have an additional suggestion to slow down the rate of global warming to the world that we are living. Why not make it a habit to unplug anything when not in use? It's a good habit to make. An equipment when plugged even if not in use receives electrical charges and adds up to the world's crisis.

And hey, don't just throw your trashes anywhere! Candy wrappers, even if it's small causes a lot of world problems. Always think of this: The future depends on you, on how you act.

Yes, our world may seem to be a dangerous place to liver now but we can still do something for the past actions not to take effect.


mnel said...

agree. have you watched the inconvenient truth? it's scary. let's save the pandas. :P

Ralph said...

haha nice earth day!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog po..

i have the same post...sort of...

my time po kayo pakicritic po yung blog ko hah!!!

eto po:

thanks po!!!