Sunday, May 25, 2008


everything happen in its own time. i am not supposed to be online and make myself busy today blogging but i've got this very good story to share that happened to me few hours ago. Today, the Lord taught me patience. not just once but several times. I and Angel decided to leave our friends at Drew's located in Katipunan at exactly 12:15 in the morning. To go back home (in Bulacan), I decided to take a Cabanatuan route since Baliuag terminal route offer their last trip at early 10:00 in the evening. Since there is an aftermath from drinking alcohols, i decided to sleep while on my way home. While sleeping, i don't have any idea that i am starting to get in to trouble. This is the very first time that an incident like this happened to me. The bus assistant tapped my shoulder and asked where I will be going. I responded Pulilan po. The bus assistant was shocked and told me naku boy lagpas ka na. malayo na to. With what he told, i got totally awaken. I was like wtf! where am i? and how will I go back to my place when it is at the wee hours of the night and no one public vehicle pass the place. I still waited for about a minute in the bus, letting what happened sink in to find a good solution. I decided to tell the driver to stop when I saw a post light. I believe I will be safe there. My safety is not my worry actually during that time. What bothers me is that I still have my review at 8am in Manila. imagine, I'm alone at 3am in a place i don't know. I tried asking for help to the trucks and cars who pass by but they didn't stop. and i understand them.I paused for a while and prayed. I believe that's the best thing to do that time. Of no reason, my feet started to walk, brought me somewhere and there I saw a truck beside a carinderia. I asked the man inside the truck if I can take a hitch and told him what happened. He told me to wait for the driver then we'll see if they can grant my favor. Too good to be true, after 20 minutes of waiting, the driver who just ate went back to their truck and there i asked him some great favor. He granted my favor without any second thought. I do not know how to thank them. Perhaps when I'm already a nurse, and if in case they got admitted to the hospital where I work, I can give a free service plus a quality care.

The Lord gives what your heart desires but before He did, He'll teach you some great lessons in life. To patiently wait as He lead you. It's just TRUST and a matter of FAITH. =)
I got home safe and was able to attend my review class on time. oh yeah, til the next bus stop. ;)

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Micaela said...

Buti na lang hindi ka napaano

Just have faith in him :)