Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I am really annoyed with the reasons why they are afraid to hire me. I learned that I am not always accepted. acknowledged. But you know people of the world, to change some social stigmas, you have to trust. Cuz if not, how then will you be able to prove that what you assume is wrong? how will you give chance if at the very beginning, you just keep on rejecting because of "some" fears. Sometimes you have to try. You have to take some risks.

On my part, yeah, I guess I have to be rejected at times. Yes, IT may be a bit degrading on my part but as they always say, patience is a virtue. I just have to keep on trying. I really have to prove my dedication even on the difficult times where they can't seem to hear and understand how much I'm willing to prove my worth. Tomorrow will be a good day Aaron. :)


saki4dsoul said...

ei buddy..dont be discourage ok?maybe the job you're applying doesnt suit your qualifications..
we all feel rejected at some point but dont let it affect you. maybe the job you're looking for awaits you it just needs right timing, perseverance, and patience..cheer up, you're doing just fine!I know God is with you all the time.

bulitas said...

kaya yan pareng aaron! kaw pa!
smile lng.
pagpapalain ka ng kalawakan!