Sunday, October 05, 2008

In search of a job

After resigning as a preschool teacher, I just stayed at home and sometimes go out to hang out with friends and have some out of town trip. But most of the time, I'm just at home spending my time by watching TV, eating, or sleeping on my desired time with no definite waking hours. I am not really in need of a job but because I am not used to this kind of thing, I decided to make my future days productive.
I decided to look for some part time jobs without any contract so I can leave the company anytime. And one of the easiest ways to look for a job without spending too much is through and web so I tried to browse jobsdb and jobstreet so I can look for more job opportunity. At one of the ads in jobstreet, I found this WELLNESS SOLUTIONS INC. And since it sounds medical and in the required field, they are looking for nurses and healthcare field, I clicked it to see the responsibilities and qualifications they are looking (because most requires working experience). I was surprised because there's no specification of the job. Insted, they left a mobile number you should contact with the instruction that you should text info to +639063234195. To satisfy my curiosity, I texted the the word info even though i know it doesn't appear to be computer generated. They replied asking how they can help me. I frankly answered it and asked my query. I asked what kind of job are they looking for and what are the qualifications so I can decide. they responded but it's not a direct response. I was asked to go to their website and I did. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any answer to my questions in the link they gave me so I decided to ask them again. And this time, this is the reply i received:

WELLNESS SOLUTIONS INC: Text us your full name,age,work/business background,location,landline& mobile #. So we can send you interview schedule if you're qualified.

---I decided not to reply anymore because it seems that the one I'm talking to is not that competent to give answer to my question. I thought it's over but after a day, I have received an SMS, again from the same number and this is what they told me:

You have qualified to know more about us.We work with an American Company based in L. A., California.Our office is located at Makati Business District.For our South East Asia Expansion, we are looking for SUPERVISORS to train to handle:
3.Promotion &
4.Follow up
mostly done over the phone,SMS,& internet.Monthly income varies between Php 15,000 to Php 100,000.Income depends on the hours that you put in.

What you need to do is attend an interview w/ Mr. Santos / Ms. Sophia on WEDNESDAY, SEPT 24,
1:15pm at The CONFERENCE RM. A-B G/F GOODLAND Bldg. #377 Buendia Ave. Corner Paseo de Roxas Ave. near BDO Bank & beside M-Tech Hospital & DTI International.

These are your requirements:
1. Be on time
2. Be in business attire
3. Bring pen & paper
This is a confirmation of your appointment.kindly acknowledge.

I replied immediately and asked "How come I become qualified?" Because as far as I remember, I didn't send any information for me to become qualified. And I believe, any smart job seeker who is in my position would to the same. Again, I received a reply.

we found ur info on our site.however,if ur not interested to earn,disregard it.thank u

and how come? As far as I know, only an IP Address can be detected by an IT or any computer literate when you browse a website. not unless you leave any info. Since I know I am being fooled already, I decided to irritate the "company HR" if there really is an existing company from them. So I replied, "Oh, really. You don't even know any information from me, not even my name so why should I trust you?" Again, they replied.

Okay your application is cancel

I know I am not an excellent English user but I know how to use most of the rules. So I replied, "Maybe you mean canceled and not cancel." It's not my intention to correct the HR. My only purpose during that time is to irritate and test her patience. She replied.

Great!no problem

I decided to end the conversation because I know I successfully annoyed and get into the nerve of a fake employer. If in case they're real, they can freely defend their side here.

Anyways, for now, I'll enjoy my vacation trip before I become busy again with the field I chose.

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