Tuesday, June 23, 2009


As a teen moving to early adulthood, I still love exploring. That’s our stage of life and we are fond of taking risks just to experience the “something” of life. Our stage has been the target of most market places. I love music. We love music. And nowadays, we mostly decide on what type of genre and what type of song would be popular. As a blogger and being a sociable person, I do get updates on what’s hot and what’s not to friends and relatives who live overseas and also for me to know the next step to do to for my career. I was chatting to my friend last month who is already a nurse in London and she was bragging about this new Filipino-British band who’s now becoming a new band sensation because of how they gave the music in UK a new style. Because of it's classic and originality in style, a Firefalldown promo was made! As a Filipino, when I heard that there’s a Filipino getting successful in making a name to whatever good industry, it made me proud and interested because they’re also giving pride to our country. Filipino talents are really global. The band has inspired me a lot especially in showing something new to people. That I'm not only surrounded by a fences. And that if in case I am? I'd jump over it. I'll keep expanding like firefalldown had done.

INSPIRATIONAL, semi-sophisticated, and anthemic... this is Firefalldown.
Firefalldown is a Filipino-British band that brought the melodic funk core genre to UK music industry. The song and the energetic live show performances of the band were even described by Dominic Nichols as dynamic, intriguing and underpinned by a refreshing intelligence. And that was really a wow! Having recently incorporated Sonic Juan Records, the band has finished their debut Single, "Commissioned" with The Animal Farm (One Night Only) and Chris Sheldon (The Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Biffy Clyro) and was released June 3, '09. The band has also been booked to play to a 25,000-strong audience at the Philippine Summer Slam '09 on the 30th of April, and is currently organizing a nationwide promotional tour set to begin in June '09. In fact, Firefalldown Album “Commisioned” is out now and that you can now download their songs in Itunes or Amazon!
Here is one of their singles titled from the same album, "Commissioned". Watch this:

Follow the link for more Firefalldown music videos.


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