Friday, January 22, 2010

Thanks Paypal

It was in November when I saw people online talking about this Facebook Paypal Wishlist. You know how I so much hate applications from Facebook because they're ruining my e-mail and Facebook wall. I thought it was just a hoax. Facebook has millions of users and if about half can get $100 for real, that's much money from advertising it as an easiest and safest method to shop online. So I didn't signed up for anything not until I get to see that same advertisement from Paypal Homepage. What I did after that is to immediately sign up and influence friends and family members to make their wishlist. Though still doubtful about the promo they're having if I'm gonna get that for real, I still gave it a shot. But I never spent much time for it nor have given much attention. 2009 has ended and so the promo too. Two weeks has passed and I have almost forgotten about it. But on the third week, I got a surprise e-mail from Paypal telling me that I can now claim my $29.00 earning. Less than 30 minutes after claiming it, I had the money visible to my Paypal account. I felt happy because Paypal made it worth a shot. What a good month to start the year of the metal tiger.

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