Sunday, September 12, 2010

Doing the Math

I was at Shangri-La yesterday, giving myself a wonderful treat for a job well done when I saw a Ben 10 trade show pop up. It reminded me of my son who is miles away. Well, he's far because of studies so that should be understandable. The pop up displays were amusing. I even took a photo of it even though I know that it will bring some bitter sweet memories. If you are wondering what is with Ben 10, well, it's just that it was my son's favorite cartoon show. That is why before he left to Guam with his grandparents, I made sure he'll have a lot of Ben 10 memories with me.

Anyway, just today, I was at Walmart to buy some stuff when I saw some pop up booths being built. I asked the sales lady what is that for and they said that it will be for some phone displays Sprint, ATT and Verizon (leading phone carriers here in US) will be having massive sale tomorrow for new phones that they have including iPhone 4, EVO, Epic, and Droid X! I kind of thought about my budget for the rest of the month and I believe I still have some extra 500 bucks which I can use to purchase a new phone. LoL. Maybe I'll try again doing some real computations later tonight when I get home before I decide to wake up early for some pop up trade show displays tomorrow morning. Hehe.

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