Friday, July 21, 2006


3 days ago, an accident happened. it made me realize that i really know nothing. i am still not knowledgeable to mentally fit in into the world i chose. physically, i still don't fit in. Professionally speaking, what i can only do during my clinical exposures is only to build up a therapeutic communication and providing confidentiality at times. I am still not effective enough to be called as a globally competetive nurse in the future. yes, it's not always to be about competetion or so on. it's only a term to that will give you enough knowledge and strength to get all the necessary informations to correctly diagnose a patient. with the correct diagnosis, your part as a nurse is already starting. you need to show now how effective you are as a nurse by implementing your independent nursing interventions. when you say independent nursing interventions, it means independently doing your care and actions without the order or informing the physician. A lack of information about the client's condition (taken from health history and physical assessment) would even mean death esp. when client has a deficient knowledge about his condition. Now, let's go on to the real thing. "Experience is still the best teacher." I was outside the nursing arts lab with my other classmates understanding a procedure to be performed one by one inside. i am there outside sitting with a girl friend next me. we were talking when i asked her to listen to me if i'll be able to tell all the procedures in order with the correct rationale (the reason why you need to do a certain procedure) when in less than 2 minutes i experienced the following:

1. difficulty of breathing (DOB)

2. chest pain

3. headache

4. numbness of hand to general numbness of all body parts

5. decrease in level of consciousness

6. locking of jaw

7. malaise

i am talking to her telling all the procedure in order when i experienced DOB. i laughed at it and told it her about it but i ignored it for it is normal in my case. I verbalized, "haha, di ako makahinga. sh*t. haha. wait." i continued the procedure then i lost my consciousness until i found myself inside with my instructor giving a first-aid. it is then when i knew that it's a case of hyperventilation. How stupid i was that i didn't even knew that it is a case of hyperventilation.

This is what i know about hyperventilation:

-->Hyperventilation is a sign or probably a cause of respiratory acidosis. it is an imbalance between the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide inside our body. there is greater concentration in the level of Oxygen than of carbon dioxide. If carbon dioxide is greater than oxygen supply, it is now called hypoventilation. Hypoventilation is a sign and probably a cause of respiratory alkalosis. the bicarbonate level perhaps does not cooperate to level the two.

How can we give first aid when hyperventilation occur?

--> Get a clean plastic bag then breath there. do mouth brething instead of breathing in nose. place the plastic in nose and mouth then secure it to ensure that the client is breathing the plastic. habe the client breath slowly

Why breath in a plastic bag?

--> this is for you to take carbon dioxide instead of oxygen. with that, the level of carbon dioxide and oxygen will level.

When do we stop the procedure?

--> when all the signs and symptoms were gone. especially the numbness of all body parts. slowly while in the procedure, it will lower down. level of consciousness will be regained then all will follow.

What do we do after?

--> keep the client relaxed. have the client sit for greater lung expansion but be informed to ask the client to breath slowly even after removing the plastic bag. have the client stay where he is currently staying. then assess vital signs. haha. Vital signs includes taking of temperature (but not necessary in this case), respiratory rate, pulse rate, and blood pressure.

i guess, so much for that. i'll tell another experience the next time i post an entry. the experience i'll post after this happened first before this.

Special Thanks to:

Ms. Ailene Arellano and

Ms. Rea Madelyn Lopez who brought me inside to be given first aid

and to:

Ms. Jacquelou Javier, RN, for giving me the first aid.

Thank God i'm ok now.

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