Tuesday, September 19, 2006

free day

after the busy days from school and hospital (as part of our clinical exposure), i am free today. haha. i have no overnight requirements to pass, i have no major examinations, i have nothing to do. actually, i am planning to give myself a rest. haha. but i miss the people to meet here (though not personally) and i miss my blog too. i visited the blog of good friends and listen (actually read) to their story. actually, it is only here that i learned a lot. lessons that are really not taught in school but can be applied there especially in my daily life. my views in life is becoming clearer and clearer everytime i meet someone with same story as mine. on the other hand, those with different stories as mine give me ideas of what to do next.

this one's gonna take long. please be patient. :) to those who will continue, thanks. to those who failed, i understand. but if you have time, give it a time to read then reflect..

CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
if my co-student nurse just listen in our seminar in performing basic life support (BLS), the baby may have lived. if he just took care of his patient and didn't left it, that will not happen. only if he know what to do, he can have the courage to do what is needed. i felt sad again. tears fell from my eyes because i didn't want such thing to happen. but it's too late for me to perform BLS. in this course that i have chosen first, every second really counts. each lesson should be taken seriously. because if not, you will not be able to save life. the guilty thing, you could've saved the life of that patient. only if you know what to do. only if you just listened to each lesson they want you to understand.

this month onwards, i will be in school seven days a week. i'll be focusing myself to studies. not because i want to end my social life, to move away or to make myself busy. i don't wanna be busy in school in the first place. i will not be able to read novels. i will not be able to watch TV. i will not be able to have time with my family and friend. and lastly, i will not have time for myself for that case. don't worry. i'll try to maximize my time to be able to have all without losing anything. i will still be hanging around. you might just see me in a coffee shop with someone (or a bunch of friends), laughing. or you might just see me in your baranggay doing survey, conducting a community diagnosis. you might just see me in your house, eating. i am not actually pressured about school stuffs. it's just annoying me sometimes that an evil from me is convincing me to say, "amfufu. syet! natotoxic ako. nanggigipit na naman sila." I have a lot of free time actually. after i got home and take my dinner, i am already free. i just surf the net, watch TV, eat again, read a novel, watch TV again, fix my things, fix my room, listen to my ipod, then study. 30 minutes prior to giving time to my studies, i feel sleepy already. i will sleep. wake up at two in the morning then study. at four, i have to prepare myself from school. it's a stupid thing that i am not yet finished with what i am supposed to do. got what i want to emphasize (or should i say stress)? i am wrong at prioritization. what if i set school stuffs first then put television at last? definitely, that setting will give me good grades from school. i keep on rushing things out then pray, "Lord, please let cramming work this time again." Everytime i fail, i blame the clinical instructors then tell, "ampucha naman kasi. ginigipit nila tayo. pano ko matatapos ung 70 pages ng isang gabi lang? mag-MMDST pa, complete physical assessment of all the family members, health history scaling and doing prioritized care plans! leche! Geseki!" I am wrong. i shouldn't have blamed them. they are more considerate if i'll think more. than to think of schooling in their time where you are the one who have to adjust and not them.

"lagi po kasing may dahilan tsaka puro reklamo"
(we always have reason and we keep on complaining)
-Vanzon Dizon during the instructor's sermon

sleeping kiddo
i don't wanna be called a kiddo but there's still a child in me that makes me one. after i was hospitalized, my sleeping pattern became a problem. now, i am already asleep at around 10:30 in the evening. even when i free my mind in school or sat with my sleeping patient's at his/her bedside, i already feel sleepy. for that reason, my schedule is not followed. i always found my projects and intellectual properties unfinished. i am not able to watch my favorite soap opera and reality shows. it's a bad thing for me as a student but a good thing for myself. my body is already the one who schedule things. not my mind anymore. stress may be a factor that's why. and i wake up late too. haha. now, i blame the heavy traffic during peak hours. haha. lol (laugh/ing out loud). Lesson? uhm, to be able to serve people with all the best that you can, learn to take care of yourself first. :)

i specially wanted to mention the names of the following people:
Cristina Roxas for celebrating her 19th birthday this 17th o' September
Bena Francia Mendoza and
Nerie Jean Mendoza for celebrating their 19th birthday this 19th o' September

I wish the that the three of you will have all the good things in life especially of good health.

Randel Clemente, advance Happy Birthday to you this coming 21st o' September

Carolyn Mariano, thanks for all the good things. to Oasis who made it possible to connect us together, i am glad that we are good friends. i may not be always present whenever you need help but always remember that i am always here to listen and to ease your burdens.

i have to eat and full my stomach now. worms are starving. haha. i'll be talking about love and friendship next time. plus my wish list and to know me things. :) . haha.

other links were removed of unknown reasons. please inform me if your blog is previously linked and is gone. i'll be glad to link you again and read your daily entries whenever i got free time. thanks


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Anonymous said...


grabe talaga ka-toxic jan sa skul na yan.. parang tlagang wala kang ggawin kundi mag-aral nang mag-aral khit minsan nawawalan k nng oras sa mga ibang bagay na mhalaga rin sa buhay . . hehehe

kaya m yan... basta mgpakalusog ka


geh... GOD BLESS!

Jigs said...

Haaaay, stressful talaga ang school noh? Pero kailangan eh. Just go through them one by one and always remember to take breaks. :)

Anonymous said...

HAYY naku clinical namen malapit na ren hayyyy kakapagod na talaga! Sana okay ka naman dude! Dont stress yourself too much! Ingat ka!

Fiel said...

Howdy Aaron^^

Wow, sipag talaga ng estudyante! saan ka nga pala nag-aaral?

Wow, napansin ko lang... Fiel (the naruto fan ) ako sa link mo :) wakokok!

Sige yun lang, sumilip at nagkumento sa iyong blog ^^


Anonymous said...

awwww! sooo toxic! hay naku! buti nalang kami tapos na ang mga headaches... wait hindi pa pala dahil next week defense nah!

Anonymous said...

busy toxic syetsyete


almost every nursing student sayd that, damn, dami nyo naman kasing internship ekek


ganun tlga ang buhay.. needs to be busy para mabuhay

Mon said...

Our org... Red Cross Youth had a free blood typing booth last week in our school... i really want to join but I was busy with the Student Publication...

tuwitart said...

wehehe..after a year and months passed, ngaun ko lang nabasa ung article mu hehe..thanks sa greetings at sa very very wonderful friendship with you =)..hanggang sa pagtanda magkakaibigan parin tau hehe..labsyu! Godbless! -bread of your life ;p