Tuesday, October 31, 2006

to end october


i started to sleep at around 2 am i had some sensible talk with my high school friend. she still has class actually. haha. that is why we decided to end the conversation and then go to sleep. what have we talked about? it's some realization that we are already getting older. haha. yeah

Emem: congrats ha, pumasa ka pala. galing ako sa blog mu kanina.
Me: ha? haven't i told you i passed? huhu. naku, sorry if not ha.
Me: Grabe, 2 years from now pala gagraduate na tayo. napakabilis. haha. napakaimmature ko pa.
Emem: yeah, grabe ako nga tampula pa rin ng tukso kasi isip bata pa ako
Me: eh grabe, tapos mag-aapply na tayo ng trabaho. di ku pa nakikita sarili ko jan. haha
Emem: parang napakadaling magdesisyon noh? ung cousin ko para kelan lang sabay kami nangarap then ngaun nagpakasal na sya. i can't imagine myself getting married at the age og 18
Me: naku, wag muna. kelangan lahat tayo successful na bago tayo gumawa ng pamilya. pero ang weird noh? the next thing we're gonna do is getting married. waaahhhh!!! ganun na ba tayo katanda. making our own family, parang di ko pa yata field yan
Emem: yeah, dapat maging successful muna tau. di yata ganun kadaling magbudget ng pera. imagine, we keep on forcing our parents to buy these and that but we do not know the value of money pa nun. dati kuntento na tayo kapag may candy and lollipop
Me: yeah, how i wish we can turn back the time where candies and lollipops can heal anything.
Emem: yeah, ako din. just living my life to the fullest to be happy. haha. gusto ko pa sana makipagkwentuhan but i guess i need to sleep na. i have less than 5 hours to sleep na. haha next time ulet. Looking froward for more sensible conversations. eventhough di tau nagkikita, at least we give updates. not the usual forwarding of quotes. Gudam! ~.~, tnx for your time.

i woke up at 8.30am. annoyed. because someone has waken me up.

ring!! ring!!!
Irish:Kuya, bumangon ka na daw. punta daw kau hosp. pacheck-up daw kau ni alex!
Me: ha? kainis naman! eh kita mo naman na inaantok pa ako.
Irish: eh sabi ni Daddy eh
Me: OO!! OO!! leche naman. sige, sabihin mo gagayak na.

We went to the hospital for consultation. for my health and my sister should be secured. Alex has cough. I was given supplements. while my sister was given atibiotics.

Advance happy birthday to my one and onlydad in the world. i dunno if you'll be able to read read this or if you know i have a blog like this. but if not, don't worry. though i maynot have the plans to say this to you personally, i will do it. for i still believe that action speaks louder than words. but why am i still telling this to the world? because i want them to know how much you mean to me as a father. though we may not have time for some good talks, i always believe one time we will. hey dad, look at me now, 13 days from now, i am laready 19. hey, i am already old.2 years from now, i'll finish my studies. then what will happen next? applying for job vacancies to any public hospitals here. gee! i can't imagine an immature person like me doing that. hehe. then what will be the next thing i will do? making my own family? oh, you will be a grandpa na. haha. anyways, last 28 of this month, i was touched.really. that is the first time you praised me from work. that is when Gab and Alex decided to stay in Alabang to have a representative from our family in the village for that halloween trick or treat party and when mum and Irish were fetched by tita Beth and Flory to sympathize in the death of Nana Julings (hu-lings) husband, and when i was left alone in the house. that is when i decided to work in our office for free (cuz i used to have salary everytime i work). i had a fun time working there but still i want you to know that i am still not yet changing my mind not to manage our family business. i want to stand in my own feet. to experience what many people experience applying for the job vacancy. to compete and show excellency with every work. and to feel rejected at times. i don't wanna hear gossip or rumors that i just got the position because you are my father and whatsoever. anyways, when mum and Irish went there to fetch us, you told mum that i did a great and complete job. i am really touched. it made me the happiest employee. i am overwhelmed and my heart is jumping with joy for my work is appreciated. Now that it will be your special day tomorrow (yes, my dad's birthday is saint's day together with my mum's brother of same year when my dad was born) you deserve this special msg from me: Dy, i promise that i will study harder and i will do my best and always put my heart in everything that i do. i cant promise you that i will be a dean's lister or that i will all get a grade higher that 2.0 (or a mark of B for others). I may still get a grade of 3.0 (or a marck of C) but i want you to know that God knows how hard i worked to get that grade. nursing isn't an easy course. same in your course accounting. i remember myself say on stage when i was in grade 1 with my chin's up and with confidence, "When I grow up i want to be a Doctor!" unfortunately, it didn't happen. for i still have 3 siblings who also go to private school.i took nursing instead. i want you to know that i will do everything that i can do to be a health care provider to our own family. though, Dr. Peron and Basconcillo are always there for us, i want you to know that i am willing to dedicate myself for our family. i may not always have the courage to show that i can always rescue you and mum and Gab and Irish and Alex, but i want you to know that i will do everything that i can. even if it will need my life. that's how much i love our family. for now, understand me. that's all i am asking. for with understanding, there's trust and love. i will not fail you.

It's a Year!
to end this term, i want to again introduce to you my brother. Mr. Landung Subiarto. today is already a year since i called him kuya. yes, kuya. we are not really related to each other. no blood line connects us except that we are both son of God. He is Indonesian and i am a Filipino. He is a Moslem and i am a Catholic. awkward but true. we do understand each other's side. i always acted like a brother but no one knows that i also want someone to call kuya. who will stand and take the responsibility of a kuya. who will help me when i am in need of help. and yes, he was able to portray it. though we may not be able to talk always and though sometimes i am annoyed because at times i also hated to be scolded. haha. but it's nothing really. that is what i do sometimes to my younger siblings. teaching them lifes lesson and what to do best. yes, at time my siblings are annoyed at me too. haha. lol. Mr. Landung taught me a lot of things. that i should always work hard and put my heart in everything that i do, to live my life to the fullest and to always understand. that in this life, there are no mistakes. there are only lessons waiting to be learned.


sydalg said...

nice entries dude,
open letter for your dad is touching.. really, it makes me sob.. haha

Anonymous said...

aaron...just alwayz feel tht i owe u somethin evrytime i read wht u type down about me.
umm...anyway..u just describe me tht good...i just not tht good actualy...yeah...im not.
anyway....may GOD bless everythin u do n u plan n may GOD, too, give u every success..


Anonymous said...

Nice letter, dude. I'm sure, you're dad MAY consider minimizing too much pressure on you. Hehe! Nah, I'm sure kaya mo naman yan.

Geh, dude! :P

em-em said...

nice! we have our remembrance na regarding our realization-conversation...haha...
yeah..we're getting older na...immaturities will still be part our life... the good thing about it..we're open to changes.. to new lessons of life... goodluck to our journey!!!...

aaron, kindly tell your dad..happy bday!!! and tell him also "Thank you!" coz w/o him i'll never meet a wonderful person like you!!!...~.~,

abel said...

don't be afraid of getting old, i am sure you will do well when you get there :)