Tuesday, November 07, 2006


and i am back to school. yeah. and it's cool because i am still a nursing student. but how did i survuved the previous term break? i admit, what i had is the most boring of all. didn't go anywhere. boredom striked more than it can ever be. here's my thing:

"Sometimes when you are used to being busy it's not a problem anymore. the only thing that you get irritated is how to budget the time. but, if you are enjoying what you are doing, time isn't a problem anymore. sleepless nights doesn't matter anymore. then if you got nothing to do all of a sudden, it's much more a big problem. how will you spend your whole day? your whole week? and the next weeks? sleeping till the sun set again? or watching TV not for enjoyment but just to spend the next hours with nothing to do? "

yesterday was my last day to stay with boredom. I looked at my room and it's like a forest. i looked under the bed and it's like an ancient world. saw fossils. get a seed and water it and it will grow. that's how my room looked like. i come to think then. oh yeah, my birthday is coming. gotta fix it. or else some of my wishlist will not be granted. and i will have to stay in pampanga 3 days in a week and no one will use my house. and in that case, it will be more like chaos. not a forest or a jungle anymore. i decided to clean. i removed the curtain and the blinds and cleaned it. changed my linen and pillow cases and washed the old ones. i fixed my table because i can write no more for i have no more space. medicine bottles i got from the hospital for personal purposes (actually, it's my best way to study each drugs. to pick an empty bottle and tell it's dug of action, classification, indications, formulation/s, contraindications and nursing responsibility. that's how a student from my university study. i pick one everyday when after i wake up). a small drawer is also there that is divided into three. one is for school stuffs (scissors, pens, memo pad, etc.), second one is for vanity stuffs (button pins, moisturizers, mouth wash, comb, pocket mirror, pocket watch etc.) and the third one is for letters and souvenir stuffs from where i've been and received. i cleaned everything because everything were not in order. it's unorganized. in short, i did a general cleaning. i searched for my old bags too and for my travelling bag because i'll be renting an apartment near the hospital, so i really have to pack my things. i ended the day tired but satisfied. i cleaned my rest room too so i never have to hold on walls even if i have slippers because i might slip. after that, my game for tennis is the next thing i have to do. unfortunately, the person i'm gonna play with contacted me and told he will not be able to come because he is ill. ok. i just listened to music with my ipod. i told myself i'm gonna sleep early but i'm still awake till midnight. alive. hey, i'm gonna wake up at four because my class will start at 7.

first day of the term
i was disappointed a bit because my class for 7-12 was postponed. can't go home anymore so we just spent out time in a supermarket where you have to ride a karatig or a jeep and pay 6 pesos(student fare). it's not our territory. someone from a university near us (which is more of quantity than quality, and who looked at us like we are poor and pathetic people.) shame on them. that all i can say. we are just practical people. we pay only 300 pesos per unit and our tuition is just 1/3 of theirs. i don't care how they think about us. i don't care if they belittle us. anyway, it's just only here, and only here in the Philippines where social economic status is a big deal. hello? we are much wiser and practical compared to other universities. i'm not fond of comparing but if that's the thing, well i can. and much even more than what others can do.

anyways, my computer literacy class is so boring. do i really have to start again? the parts of the computer, it's function and history? man, i can even tell you the whole details even when i am sleeping. and hello man? it's already 2006! the world is already modern. he heard me saying to my classmates, "naku, magpapaturo na lang ako sa kapatid ko na grade 2 kasi nadiscuss na nila yan nung grade one." he then added, list down the advantages and disadvantages of a computer. oh, man!!! you are really crazy!!! so much crazy! didn't expected a stupid class like this. i can event type words with my eyes blindfolded. i really don't mean to insult. i really apologize if i looked like one. anyways, let's go to my next subject. the 3-7 class. my Nursing Research 323. well, what i can say, i love challenges. i hope that i will be squeezed like a sponge because i really wanted to show what i really have. i have to read the whole chapter one because the next meeting, we'll have a quiz.

on my next entry, i'll be giving some puece of advice. of course, from me. i come up to think something while i was bathing myself a while ago. and... :)


Rob said...

aww dude! ang hirap ng sched mo! 7-7! fucking 12 hours of school?! that is one hell of a killer sched!


cars said...

haaay. boring din sembreak ko.. eh kasi naman. XD my friends and i were supposed to go out.. eh puro cancelled naman at the last minute. :( oh well. aun.

have fun sa schoooool bookool~

calyn =) said...

di ako makapaniwala!!!!!!! nilinis mu na ang forest mu???!hehehe... ano bang nakain mo? joke! ung jungle ko nasa ayos na din... (sana tumagal!) hahaha..
tama ka, boring ung comp class natin...tapos ung prof natin e medyo pa-cute.. AZAR!

>> thanks nga pala sa testi...(=