Wednesday, November 08, 2006

healthy tip..

yesterday, when i was about to go home, a lot of things came up and i really feel like sharing it. well, i really don't mind to be called, "hey, nurse Aaron!" or "oh, yes brother james!". it's kinda irritating but i just laugh at it. today, i wanna start sharing all i know. for maybe just a split of a second i will forget everything. i dunno. because yesterday when i came back to mensa to take another iq test, i got shocked with the result. just a year ago, my iq level is 143. yes, 143. it may seem like a joke but really, i am serious. now, it's only 116. i just realized that oh, i am starting to forget some theories. maybe some part of my life too. i really do not know what is happening to me. but since a year and a half, i will already get a degree from this health course that i am currently taking, i wanna start doing my job. not just as a nurse but as a consultant too. haha.

when taking food supplements, don't take a drug that just contain one vitamin or mineral. first, know how much of that specific chemical does your body need each day. let me give an example. many does take ascorbic acid like enervon, revicon, etc. but do you know that it's not really good for you? the more acidic the body is, the more prone you are to illness. do you also know that an adult just need 60mg of vitamin C in a day? a capsule or a caplet of vitamin C that you take each day contain 500 mg of vitamin C? thus, this means that 440mg of vitamin C just go into waste. where does the excess go? well, before it go to your urine, there are processess that happens in your body. the liver filters it all. then the kidney to eliminate wnen there is excess. taking too much drugs than what your body need is bad. it may damage the liver.

"Too much of something is bad"

so what is my advice then? take food supplements that can supply your body needs. those that is made up of little amounts. think first before you decide what to give to your precious body. Remember:

"Our body is the temple of the holy spirit. so we are to take care of it"

Another, amino acid is divided into two types. essential and non essential. both type is a body need. but what is the difference then? well, non essential amino acids are found in the foods we eat daily. but essential, no, you can't find it anywhere unless you take amino acid food supplement. remember that amino acid is the end product of protein. thus in alternative medicine, it stands for nourishment. to emphasize, it is good for your brain for proteins are said to be food for the brain. it will enhance your memory and can reduce the risk of having alzheimer's disease for more than 30% in your late years. but just taking supplements will not work if you just bum yourself and used your brain in a wrong way. excercise daily especially the people of my age. for starting to excercise now will help reduce the risk for more than 30% again. maybe you ask yourself how excercise of your body is related on how your brain function. well, if you excercise your body (like walking) for at least 30 minutes a day, there will always be a good circulation of blood in your body. excercise your brain too.

Physically active + mentally active = HEALTHY PERSON

Top 10 BIGGEST BRAIN Damage:

1. No breakfast.
Breakfast is the most important meal in the three. fasting for more than 8 hours from sleep and then work and use your brain, where energy do you use?

2. Overeating.
Anything in excess is bad. how do you metabolize it. sensories from your stomach send impulse to compensate in the digestion. brain produces more hormones, thus, it overwork.

3. Smoking.
smoking contains 4,302 toxins. one we all know is nicotine. it damages the heart and the lungs. brain needs oxygenated blood. thus this means that brain needs heart and lungs to work better. if there are toxins, then what will happen to your body? optimal thinking will be altered

4. High Sugar Consumption.
high sugar consumption causes the blood sugar to increase. heart needs properly oxygenated with high quality blood. as i've said, anything in excess is bad.

5. Air Pollution.
brain needs properly oxygenated blood and nothing more than that. polluted air may be in form of sulfur oxide or carbon monoxide. it can damage the brain and can even cause coma.

6. Sleep Deprivation.
the body needs rest from a tiring day. you become drowsy because the brain is lacking from supply of compensate, you need to sleep. in sleeping the oxygen consumption is minimal. you need at least about 8 hours of sleep. it's the melatonin that is respnsible why you fall asleep.

7. Head covered while sleeping.
with heads covered while sleeping, carbon dioxide that you exhaled are inhaled again. you sleep because your body needs to compensate with the oxygen loss and oxygen consumption while sleeping is minimal. if you will cover your head and inhaling the carbon dioxide you exhaled, what's the use of sleeping even if it's 12 hours of sleep?

8. Working your brain during illness.
cells die and reproduce again. but not brain cells. brain cells don't regenerate. what you had when you got out in the womb will be as it is. if you will abuse what you have, it will soon fade away.

9. Lacking in stimulating thoughts.
develop what you have. brain cells if not developed will die. remember, it cn't regenerate anymore. Einstein and you came from the womb. we've all gone the same process during our mother's pregnancy form us. the difference is Einstein used it wisely. if you will use it, it will be developed. who knows you can be the future Einstein? lols

10. Talking rarely.
if you don't talk that often, memory will find it hard to store every single details from your past. use it wisely.

i've told you some of the things i know, it's with you what to do now. :)


utakgago said...


wow, whatta long post.

i've read some of your health tips in outside magazine - those are the magazines I read when i'm getting bored or something.

what can i say, doc?

i'm having this occassional nosebleeding. am i dying?


Anonymous said...

oh my thanks for the health info... re: the vitamin c, it thought the body needs 2500 mg of vitamin c a day?

abel said...

i am guilty of smoking, heheh

calyn =) said...

kapatid, tama ka... makakarelate nga ako.. hehehe.. sobra kong nakarelate sa entry mo..may mga natutunan din ako... una, goodbye na sa sedentary lifestyle..tingin ko malapit na mangyari yun (pag naging circulating nurse na ako sa OR duty natin..) tama ba? (= pangalawa, kelangan ng unti unting magresign sa pagiging vampire (this will be one of the hardest things that i'll ever do..) pangatlo, iwasan na ang too much chocolate.. (isa sa pinakamasaklap..) lam mu naman na fave ko ang chocolate.. hehehe nwei, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Waw! Your blog is like a vitamin, very healthy. LOL.

Thanks for the tips, mehn! :P

rina said...

haba ng post ah? :P hehehe.

naks naman ang post pwdeng pang "how to be a healthy person" brochure hahahaha dumaan lang :)nga pala, sa tanong mo, ok naman ako, ikaw? hahaha.

Rob said...

parang natanggap ko to sa text mo ah!

Jigs said...

Haha, a very informative and accurate post. I totally enjoyed the read.

Monmon said...

Too much of something is bad...

natotoxic na nga ako sa mga assignments at case studies namin na dapat idefend sa panel every two weeks...

the last time I had an IQ test, my IQ was 127... i dont know what happened.

anzy said...


anzy said...

hui... nu ung sa yosi?

sa isang stick ba 4,302 na toxins nakukuha? totoo ba un? ahehehe

anzy said...

sa sampung yan... lhat yata ginagawa q... ahehe