Sunday, December 31, 2006

this 2006.

this 2006, i really feel like wasted. pissed off. this year was a bad year for some of us. this year, i got a mark of 3.0 for the first time in one of my super duper minor subject that i know i really shouldn't get.i passed pathology and maternal and child nursing without getting that kind of grade. then it passed, a new semester came, Again, i got 3.0 in Ethics class. don't i have any ethics? what would be the impression when i apply for a job and they saw my transcript and see 3.0 in Ethics and Strategies? it will seem that i din't show any kind of breeding and competency during the building up of my profession. it will be a demerit. this yr i tried to give up and i regret that moment. i know i really should not feel like giving up. never. this year, i wasn't able to represent my country in an international contest because of my hectic school schedule. this year, i disappointed my mother. this year, my best friend for for years left me and traded me for a boyfriend. This year, my girlfriend left me and traded me for another boyfriend.

With all this, i don't regret any. Except for one. the i tried to give up. and with all that happened, here are some of the this that i realized when i tried to widen my perspective.

"Loving is accepting a person as a whole and not choosing what you only want."

"In friendship, one of the qualities that a friend should have is to know how to understand. with understanding, you respect. with respect, you love. with love, you trust. with trust, you support. isn't it nice to have a friend who just understand but then there's respect, love, trust and support?"

"Being so much open with one another doesn't add any love. it's ok to keep something for yourself. if you're too open, there's no more thrill to explore. sometimes, it's the secret that keeps it alive."

"i have money and i know i look good too. but hey, the best things in life are Libre (free). it's not money that makes a person and well fulfilled. what the money can add is just additional happiness. but without it, you
are still a complete being."

"i hate the self "what if" and "why" questions. with what if, it's just giving you regrets with your decisions. Don't think of the possibility that will not come. think of the possibility with the decision you made. With why's, you are just making yourself bitter with something you really shouldn't. Everthing happens for a reason.
what's that reason? that's the challenge in life. to seek for you to learn."

"Distance is a problem in friendship. New set of friends creates jealousy with the old one. But if you tell yourself that you are not a friend anymore because he don't ask for help anymore, your moving on is more than your death. you didn't clear things. thus, this makes you a living ghost."

"the long your friendship is, is isn't an assurance that you will stay together forever. see? my bestfriend for four years left me and traded me for a bastard non ethical boyfriend. the true measure and assurance of friendship is how willing the both of you to help and accompany each other in good and bad times."

"when a friend asks for help, it's not the literal help that is asked. it's just a way of saying, "hey friend, can you give me the right words? i need encouragement.""

"When someone did something good to you, it's not that he is waiting for something in return. it's just a sincer than you that will keep him helping you."

" i realized that when eating, i don't have to think too much. my stomach just finds it hard to digest it. it doesn't become a source for nourishment but a source for illness."

"I realized that no reaction at all tham smiling the whole day makes you older. with no reaction, muscle isn't really relaxed. muscle causes tension and thus tension causes stress. Tip: Always smile. Smile not laugh!"

"I realized that when having diarrhea, i really don't have to eat anything. because if i will not take anything, more fluids and electrolytes will be lost. i have to replaced it. i don't have to depend on supplements to replace it. i just have to avoid foods high in cholesterol and sugar."

"I realized that studying is not for you to get a job. school is a home of learnig. they don't give you hope becuse it's always with you. they give your dream come true."

"they say, "Be realistic. Not idealistic." WRONG! being idealistic than realistic should be more emphasized. In being idealistic, you should work hard for it to be a part of reality. there is more challenge, right?"

My Dad has high cholesterol level. we got a family history of heart disease. I'm a nurse and if i don't act now, when? that's why i posted in our table :

"Fat contains CHOLESTEROL. Thus, Cholesterol causes Heart Disease like Heart Attack. If you wanna die as early as possible without you saying bye to your loved ones, come on, take some more."

While working in the hospital i saw diabetic patients with necrotic skin, muscle and bones. Some, i saw amputated. no arms. others, don't have feet. their wound stinks. it's a modifiable disease. since then, i posted to our kitchen:

"Too much sugar causes DIABETES. If you wanna die with no arms and feet and with no people around you because your wound stinks, come on, add some more."

"I realized, Life isn't tough. Life is easy. We just complicate it with our uncontentment and dissatisfaction."

"I realized, i don't have to tell myself that if only i can turn back the hands of time... In this life, there are no rewinds. Learn from it. Live your day as if it's your last. If you will, you will never have a point in life to say
i wish i can stay longer or i wish i..."

"Dying is not an experience. If it's an experience, can you tell me the feeling when you last breathed ou air?
it's an event with others lives. not to you who died."

"Dalai Lama is right. Perhaps one of the reasons for the poularity belief that human nature is aggressive lies
in our continual exposure to bad news through the media. Yet the very cause of this is surely that good news is
not a news."

"We are humans and we all do make mistakes. mistakes not meant. mistakes the emotions brought us. it is normal.
we are humans. we are not robots. we all do have emotions. but let us not make it an excuse that we are just
humans. that we are not perfect. it's a fact you can never ignore. we all know that. learn for it."

"Smiling is a natural appreciation of kindness."

"the world won't stop and wait for you to recover. Fall down seven, stand up eight! mke it as immediately as possible. stumble and fall. it's part of life. kust remember to stand up. when you fall down, just try again."

I wanna end this year without bringing anything that is bad. now that few hours from now, 2006 is ending, i would like to welcome 2007 with open arms. without a doubt. without hesitations. so what if it will be the same as this 2006? but i hope not. here's my simple msg to everyone of you.

Ok, let's say you hate me. i don't wanna think that you love me. cuz if not, it will just hurt me. ok, if you hate me, it's ok. i don't have any problem with that. it doesn't matter. it's fine with me. of my years of existence, i have lived without you. so what more in the coming years. i don't wanna say that it's not my lost and it's yours. it's not that way. i'm not your lost too. Question: who is sinning when you keep on hating someone? Answer: You yourself. Tip. don't live with hate. is it hard just to treat someone like a stranger if you just can't live with that person? Anyways, for those who love me, who still decided to be at my side, thanks for adding additional happiness. if you need help, i'm just always here. maybe far but i'm just waiting for you to call me. who knows? with just a beep, i'll try to be there. i'm not a perfect friend. i may not be a good adviser. but here's mine. i am alway here. always here. i may not give the good advice, i may not be able to get the crackest jokes, i'm willing to give a hand. i may not have the broadest shoulder in your list of friends but mine is free to lean on. i have been bitter all through out of 2006 and i wanna thank those who remained. thank you for understanding me. i wond say sorry to those who stayed. sorry is not the term for friends. it's thank you. thank you for understaning me. to those who left, it's ok. i apologize if it's not me who can fit you. That's all. WELCOME 2007!!! leave the drama!!!!

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