Saturday, January 13, 2007

Wrong behaviors...

sorry if i let you wait too long. uhm, just 2 days before new year, my mum and i fought because of my younger sister. my sister is a spoiled bratt.
maybe because she is the youngest in the four of us. everything she asks are given. in that case, i don't find it favorable. yes, everything i ask are
also given. but that is because i really need them. mostly, they are school stuffs and not personal stuffs. everytime we misunderstood each other, my
parents always say, "hey anak, give way. you are old enough." which i believe is wrong. that time, i wasn't able to control myself and i got to
answer my mum. Fact: I always answer back to my parents whenever i know i got a good point. and i believe that it's not a sin or a sign of disrespect to

with the situation, i know it's one of the major problem of every family. giving way to younger ones. and because it is a problem of every family, it's
already a problem of the society. i do respect everyones perspectives when it comes to that view but let me just express and practice my freedom. yeah,
it isn't easy to give way, especially if you know you got a point. usually, and most of the time, it's the older people that give way. as observed, it's
one of the major reasons why they become spoiled bratt. rebelling without right. what made me say so? as they grow up, their mind keep on storing the
information that they should win. they should always win a fight. later, they fight without reasons.

now, in our society, we keep on hitting the government. that they are not thinking of what will happen to the greater masses. that never the government
become reasonable of their decisions. but let us come to think of this: have we become reasonable? have we come to think that we gave the authority
to make changes, so we have to respect them?

maybe the word that best describes your hate to governement is "CORRUPTION". but you know what? corruption is a thing you cannot remove when defining
governement especially in this country like ours. yes, it may be people's money and not theirs but let's just think of this: we see changes. our lives
improve. what may lack with us now is maybe a matter of hardship to make our lives better. improvement goes hand in hand. it needs a leader who will
lead and a member who cooperates as well.

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