Monday, February 19, 2007

Is Philippines really that poor?

Since i started to take the nightingale'spledge when i was in second year, i also started to attend seminars to be a product of quality competetive nurses in the Philippines. some shocking thoughts came into my poor little mind. Is Philippines' social economic status really that low compared to other countries of the same perceived problems? Perhaps not. but perhaps, yes too. I don't have any idea about what is going. what I know is that we are open to change and we do the best that we can and that's what matters after all.

And now that i am to end my 3rd year life to enter the next level as a nursing student, i started to get confused and wonder why people act such things as if they were not Filipinos. I admit. yeah, a lot of Filipino students who are currently and who will soon take nursing were not after the term "serving" and are just for "MONEY". Yes, it may be a sad news but that's the call of the society. The term "real serving" was taken out of place and was replaced by "salary" from medical courses most especially nursing. it is not my intention to make an offense about this issue but i was just really strucked about what the differences and intentions of the seminar i attended yesterday. He is a Filipino who have forgotten to look back at his past. He emphasizes the big difference about "his" new country - the Big Apple, to "Filipino's" country. It is as if he has not a Filipino in the past. I pity him for that attitude. Filipinos got most of the best qualities in the world compared to other races. Yes, we may have a lot of insecurities but that is just because of the social status why we keep on immitating other races especially the whites. Yes, it is nursing that is the highest paid worker in the planet but should we have it that way? the primary intention of a health care provider is to take care of a patient up to its total recovery. money should be just a secondary objective. but to the seminars i have attented in the past, it is not serving but money that is the primary objective of a nurse. to earn and become rich. i pity people who think that way. i believe they will not be successful health care providers. the introduction to every seminars i have attended is this:

"who wants to earn $dollars$ and to go to the States? For sure everyone does. who would want to stay here in the Philippines and just earn 10, 000 Php a month? No one does, right?"

Please stop generalizing. not everyone doesn't think the way most people do. there are still people that doesn't think of money as a primary source of happiness. Jake maybe right. the person who said that the best things in life are free doesn't know what shopping is, doesn't know what money can primarily do. but to define happiness, it is not just achieving physiologic needs but rather making other people happy. to touch their lives. to make a difference. that's what matters after all.

with this, i started to remember and admire my friend way back in high school who took Education and is now starting to share her knowledge and skills as an educator and advocate there in the a place where civilazation is not in the vocabulary of the people. She came from a below average class of family and is just scholar due to her father's job in the campus as a janitor. she didn't feel any shame and i really admire her for that. a lot of people bully her but she never take any of those. yes, she cry to me sometimes releasing all her burdens about the differences of a Visayan to City people. but you know, i admire her for the quality that her feet are still on the ground. not aiming high for she found happiness and success just right there. Serving.


ken said...

I am completely amazed on students who take up nursing for one thing, their will to assist other people. And I admire the girl.

Anonymous said...

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abel said...

stop generalizing, that's right!

if ever i would want to go abroad, definitely as tourist and not to work