Monday, June 12, 2006

Together with

Today is a very special day for Filipino's like me. Today, we celebrate the 108th Anniversary of Philippine Independence marked this 2006 o' June 12, the year of the Lord. In behalf with this celebration, three of my dearest lovely girls also celebrate their birthday. The first one is Ms. Karen Kate Galman, a very good friend in college. Next one is also a good friend, Ms. Mary Pauline Musca. Of course, definitely the last one, one of the best buddies I have, a friend back then in high school years, Ms. Ma. Antonette J. Roberto. With this 3 lovely ladies, I wish you all good health, nice boyfriend lah (haha), a more sweeter family with raining blessings, a righteous wisdom which can lead you to the right path plus having good grades in academics. May God bestow raining blessings to the three of you. for sure, He will.

But hey, since today is a very special day to all Filipinos, let us all celebrate the true Filipino spirit. Not only in words but in action. "Sa isip, sa salita at sa gawa". Long live Philippines!

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