Thursday, March 08, 2007


i thought, it will be one of my last days on earth when i experienced chest pain. haha. yeah. what i experienced is indeed very different from ordianry signs and symptoms of asthma where i usually hyperventilate and experiences shortness of breath. it's my cardio that needs to be attended this time. i hate the way summer starts. the immediate shifting of environmental temperature and all. it affects my health status and my being. siguro, i need not to blame the environmental factor alone. i also received a handful of stress plus anger feelings where it increases my risk of having it again. i remember, it was the same month last year when i felt the same feeling. a feeling like dying. nasabi ko tuloy, "Lord, don't get me yet. i am not yet ready. 1 year na lang makakatapos na ako. hayaan niyo namang makatulong at mapasaya ko ang mga magulang ko". i am always living my day as if it's my last. but that moment changed it. i don't wanna die yet. i don't blame anyone why my health condition isn't that fair enough. i am a gifted child, in spite of everything, still i aam here, safe and sound. laughing. smiling. crying. studying. living normal. i constantly thank someone i do not know if existing (God) for making me feel so much blessed.

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