Friday, March 09, 2007


kanina, we weren't in school. we were in a baranggay in Bulacan, Bulacan for the completion of our Community Diagnosis. yeah, it's already late and perhaps the Community Participation of our class in partial fulfillment of the requirements in Community Health Nursing will be implemented this late summer. i am late. i arrived at 8.30am where supposedly i have to arrive at 8am. i sorta blame someone (but not really) for not preparing the food i will eat for lunch in the community. immediately affter i arrive at Bulacan, Bulacan, i searched for my classmetes especially mypartner. even if i am not feeling good for almost 3 days, still i go to the community because of my partner. she will have no assistance if i will leave and take a rest due to my medical condition. i was surprised when they told me, "ei, individual na daw para mabilis ung survey". the community survey (some kind of census) is made of 8-page questionnaire. it will take long to survey the remaining 400 population if we will not make it individually. so i decided to interview.

Family # 1: the sole breadwinner of the family is the mother who works as kubrador (for jueteng). she told me, "ba't walang nag-iinterview sa amin duon sa lugar namin? ...duon kami sa lagpas pa sa may patubig sa kabilang tulay pa."

with my shame, "ok nay puntahan ko po. san po ba? may aso po ba dun?"

ok, i got there. not noticing it's me alone there. i surveyed the whole compund not noticing of the time. it's already past 12nn when i noticed that oh my god! i should be at the health center na. nBut i still have to interview one family to completely interview the compound. what i do not know is that my classmates aand my four clinical instructors are already searching for me. it's like a rescue operation. i am not so much oriented that there are a lot of NPA's there. i do not have any mobile phone at the moment because it will just bug me. i sw kuya Andy and Edward. i told to the mother of the last family i am interviewing, "nay sandali lang po tawagin ko lang mga kasama ko." God, they told me they are so much worried. they thought NPA kidnapped me and some thought i lost consciousness because of my current medical condition (as the clinical instructors got informed yesterday). i so much appreciate their concern for me but in my part, it a so much shame. so much shame. really. they thought i was lost or something. haha

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